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Jim Warfield
05-03-2009, 08:54 AM
Last night a group of 14 people filled my front room, mostly adults. My unusual "style" this time of the year is to entertain the audience as long as they seem to be enjoying whatever it is that I am doing. I know I run the risk of becoming "not Entertaining" by doing this but we really do experience some new and different things exploring these possibilities....
It became a long routine but almost everyone was laughing, screaming, ex cetra. Then one woman maybe 35-40? said she had to leave because she was "allergic".
As I opened the door and she walked passed me I inquired as to whether she was allergic to mold? animals? She said, "Yes." (I didn't feel this was a real adult to adult answer but oh-well?)
When the tour ended for everyone else she was standing outside in the process of bad-mouthing me and the tour to the next four customers waiting to see the house, (My Wife overheard all of this) Little did this woman realise that she was attempting to bad-mouth the experience to two fans of mine who brought their fresh/victims friends here, then the rest of her original group walked around the corner all raving and being Very complimentary about their Ravens Grin Inn time spent with me.
I think she must have looked Really Stupid.
Later my Wife told me that the vibes she got from this woman before she bought a ticket was that she either thought someone else in her group should be buying her ticket for her or that she just really did not want to be here?
I have successsfully "converted" quite a few people from that "Don't want to be here" attitude to genuine fans, but they also have to suffer through the tour to reach that conclusion!
During the previous afternoon a Father and Son were seeing the house for their first time and at the tour's conclusion were Extremely complimentary concerning everything they had seen and experienced here.
I learned long ago not to bask too long in the sunshine of the compliments because you might begin to feel that this is the way it should be every time...and then suffer the nasty bitchers when they happen to arrive to bring you down a few unpleasant notches.
Earlier the Father (with Son) told me he had never been to a haunted house before, then at the tour's end he said,"This is the best haunted house I have ever been to!" "?"
Maybe I would feel less affected by grumps if I had not put so much of myself into everything I have built, drawn and created here? On the other side of that "coin", it is much easier to find enthusiasim and energy to do all of this when it is 98% your own peculiar stuff that you are showing and speaking about.
The Sunday-Sun is shinning and I have concrete to bust up with a sledge hammer, (my first job today since I finished the cat-boxes!) Life is great!

05-03-2009, 08:42 PM
Yes, Jim you are absolutely correct. No one can please everyone all of the time. It sure sounds like she arrived with a bad attitude. She was determined to not have any fun and to bring everyone else down in the process. Years ago I had a restaurant and only one person, the entire time I ran my place, ever complained. I found out later that she was mad prior to coming in. All I can say is treat people fair, deliver what you advertise and give them their moneys worth and if they complain then that is THEIR PROBLEM! It sounds to me like you always put on a fantastic show!!

Happy Haunting!