View Full Version : Tonite: "Non-Verbal-Autistic"

Jim Warfield
05-03-2009, 08:42 PM
Was what the parents told us about their little boy about 5 yrs. old. When my Wife first looked out the ticket window she saw him crying and running quickly all around the place and she thought"This won't work, that little kid is scared to death to come in here."
She was wrong 180 degrees, he was crying because he WANTED to come in here and we couldn't sell them their tickets fast enough!
The older brother was quiet and a little shy he didn't need a hand either on him or about to be on him for control.
I proceeded more normally than not, inflicting "The Laugh" on them, a video of a clown laughing non-stop. This video immeadiately calmed the little boy , he sat there almost hypnotised by that tape.
I was not kidding when I told the parents that if they wanted a copy of that 90 minute long laughing clown tape that I could put them in touch with the maker of it.
They had a complete tour of the house, the boy with autisim was very interested in all of the "things" in my house (I have ALOT of things here to look at and consider)
I congratulated the boy at the end of the tour on doing so well, because , he had!
The Mother grew up in this town and was coming to see my house with her sisters when she was just a girl.