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RJ Productions
05-06-2009, 01:44 AM
OK Guys, time to do some productive thinking!!!

There are usually a couple 3 day (weekend) Fall Festivals in most locations.

They are mostly daytime programs geared towards families.

I am looking for something we can put into the festival that would be a promotional tool for the haunt. Here's some points I was considering:

*either a low admission ($1-$2) to help recoup cost or free if the investment cost is nominal
*easy set up- you will be busy with your attraction and the festivals usually don't give you much time
*little manpower- you don't want to burn out your haunt actors or have to pay too many people
*more cute and "Halloweeny" as opposed to scary
*involves the audience, like a maze, to promote return usage (That's cool let's do it again!! OR I missed that, can I do it again??)

I was thinking along the lines of a haybale maze but at $8-9 a bale it could be quite pricing and labor intensive to set up. ( I would want to make it at least 3 bales high, then what to do with the bales after???)

You could do something along the line of an Adventure Maze, you print up a page where they have to find certain clues in the maze, you have a coupon on the bottom or back of the page.

Has anyone done any other maze type structure that was kid friendly and "set-up" friendly???

Even though it is for the younger kids, you have signage that says it's sponsored by "Your Haunted House" and you hand out special coupons so it's a promotional gig. If the unit is portable enough you could even use it at your actual haunt in season as either something for the little kids or in conjuction with a daylight tour.

OK..... Ready, Set, THINK!!!! What ideas are lurking out ther in those weirdly wonderful minds????

Matt Marich
05-06-2009, 07:36 AM
Look too the Rennaisance festival mazes. they use 8' landscape poles, and burlap. They are very inexpensive and are effect. They usually have a tower with a bell to ring in the center as a reward.

Phil Miller
05-06-2009, 08:39 AM
Hay bail here in Delaware were only $3- 4 each last season. We actually use straw bails because kids can be allergic to hay. We use straw on our "hayrides"
We did a small maze with about 200 bails. after you done with them you can sell them to a farm for bedding or landscapers for half of what you paid to recover some money.

My brother did a town Fall Fest and he used the solid temporary construction debris fence, the black Geo-tex that has wooden stakes attached already, I think it comes in 4' x 50' or 100' at Home Depot.

Phil Miller

Greg Chrise
05-06-2009, 07:46 PM
The other day I saw a post somewhere that there is a chocolate fest. The poster had a nice looking girl with all her teeth nibbling on a chocolate bar. I thought this could translate to Halloween candy somehow very nicely.

Super cheap celebration of halloween candy on the order of a huge wine tasting party. Vote your favorites.

05-06-2009, 08:15 PM
"I was thinking along the lines of a haybale maze but at $8-9 a bale it could be quite pricing and labor intensive to set up. ( I would want to make it at least 3 bales high, then what to do with the bales after???)"

Around me the going rate for straw which i use for the hay maize is only $3. I do a very large hay maize for the day time festival about 1200 bails of straw but in NJ they regulate hay maizes so it can only be two bails high or it is a fire hazard. As for clean up i just cut the ropes and push them into a large pile and let them rot for the winter to spread them on the fields of my 250 acre farm in the spring.

RJ Productions
05-07-2009, 10:42 PM
Thanks guys, you have to remember you get bales for $3.00 because they are probably grown locally. I'm in the desert!!!! Not much hay or straw grown in the sand!!!

I like the landscape poles...maybe a possibility..

Any other ideas???

Jim Warfield
05-09-2009, 06:56 PM
Maybe bails of old torn and messed up one dollar bills? Bails of sand?
A now gone "Krazy Acres" fun place had poured a concrete floor, built a maze using 4 by 8 sheets of various types , the maze was changable (But I doubt if they ever changed it!)
They had various hand punches (making stars, moons, triangles..) hanging from chains awaiting those who found them, punch their hand held card and run back out when you had them all and the best time won!
Alot of dead-ends and long passages to a dead end saw alot of wasted time going backwards.