View Full Version : The Ravens Grin Inn Does it again!

Jim Warfield
05-06-2009, 01:30 PM
Wouldn't it be slick to somehow have a real spooky, elusive haunted, haunted house?
Hidden so only certain people at certain times of the moon or something can find it?
So far three US census takers have stopped here over the last two weeks. I told the first one, that yes, this is a residence and a business, we live here. Pretty direct, simple and in plain English, right?
A few days ago another one showed up asking me the same things. I told him I had already answered the questions. He seemed very puzzled and spent quite awhile looking at his US governmnet GPS unit and mumbling something about an "alley" when he last drove away. Then a short time ago another census worker appeared "To check the other one's work."
No, to check the other two's work, actually.
She also studied and studied her GPS unit and came to the final conclusion that this place did not show up on their maps (It has been here since at least 1870!?)
...So as this ancient, mystical structure slips back into the mid-day void of noon-time hallucination and oversight and full moon wanderings and howls....
Isn't this neat! I mean for a haunted house to be so slippery!
I was once told by a very intuitive mystical person that "A black veil" surrounds my property line here, keeping the rest of the nasty world out!
"What? Where do you see a house ?"
There. It did it again! There went my supply of clean underware til...when?

damon carson
05-06-2009, 02:12 PM
Jim those werent census people it was incomputant aliens trying to abduct you. Your house is drawing them to you like a magnet. The only reason there gps isnt working is because its too primative of a device for them. Therefor they cant read it or understand its primitive ways. The real census people they body snatched are in the trunks of there vehicles. Or was there any vehicles Jim? Maybe their vehicles were floating over the cemetary as they spoke with you. Ready to take over you and control your every move and thought. Shh quite! What was that? I just thought I heard the music from the X-Files in the background. Ha ha!

Jim Warfield
05-06-2009, 03:55 PM
We could all use a little "Skull " from Scully! Aye, Damon, mah boy!
Them aliens got mee brain alreddy they due.
they might be takn me back to their home planet to breed them outer space babes..again!
"Jim?" No master you have changed my name I'm known by to "Gene", Gene Pool.
The big sign said, Not to indulge in the pool if you have just eaten too many chocolate bars you mite get cramps, which surely would cramp my style.
(Of course moaning and carrying on like that could be taken as amorusssss groanings!)
Eat another case of Snickers!
Unwrap them first!

Greg Chrise
05-06-2009, 06:59 PM
I really hope that is only a Snickers floating in the pool.

Greg Chrise
05-06-2009, 07:05 PM
For some reason the Google Streets car stopped about 50 feet from the alley line too. Like what ever is down there it shouldn't be seen or the dead zone turned the camera off, killed the car and they had to tow it out? I'll bet the IRS knows where you are. Maybe Mister Tuxedo jumped up on the 8 port camera and covered it all up? Techical difficulties? 4 paws, a tail and a big toungue wrapped around the camera to keep the secret location a secret.