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05-12-2009, 06:33 PM
We were going to add this one to the line up but didnt have a good TW show. Maybe next year.



05-12-2009, 07:38 PM
That's a real shame because that RAWKS!

Allen H
05-12-2009, 09:35 PM
A loin cloth and head circlet would really help finish this out nicely (to add to the theme). It looks great but not quite finished. And the head is very clean compared (different levels of decay) to the hands. I love where its headed.
Allen H

05-12-2009, 10:39 PM
i second allen's thoughts! new maks style/look and a few more things added to the suit itself.

05-13-2009, 12:27 AM
What does "didn't have a good TW show" mean. Thanks

05-13-2009, 04:02 AM
why wouldn't you add this to your lineup? I like it however I would add this advice...

The skull mask does not match the costume. You should consider sculpting the mask to be more rotted with some bandages left over rather than such a CLEAN looking skull.

Just my two cents!

I like the suit I think you should offer it!


05-13-2009, 09:50 AM
My two cents: The mask looks too boring, needs to be more rotted. The suit hass potential, but I would almost like to see some of the cloth rotted away showing the body and whats under...

05-13-2009, 09:54 AM
Very nice... I'd pay $500 for it! -Tyler

05-13-2009, 01:10 PM
Nice, I like all your stuff but here in Florida the actor would die from the heat before the night was over. We are outside and in October we are still in the 90's during the day. Someday I hope to have a indoor haunt and then we can crack the AC.lol.

RJ Productions
05-13-2009, 01:55 PM
I would have to agree with most posts here. The good thing is everyone is on the same page so it's constructive!! Like Ice we're in the same boat, still in the 90's during October our actors would literally DIE in costumes like this!!

My comment is in regards to the first post. You state you would not introduce this because you didn't do well at TW. No offence, because I really like your product, but look at the big picture. You are a vendor with only ONE product. On top of this you introduced the product a year ago. First most vendors do not even introduce themselves without a "boothload" of products. This is necessary because you need to appeal to the indivudual tastes and needs of many different people.

You guys "tested the waters" by bringing your suit and debuting it at TW. It got a good reponse, people lked it. Those that could use that style of suit bought it. Those that could not use that style waited to see what different styles or new products ou would introduce. Instead you come to TW with only the original suit.

SO it's not really fair to either judge the show or the response to your product by the sales from this year. You started off with a big bang...then nothing! People line up at vendors booths to see what new product they will introduce. I am sure many wee excited to see what you would bring, then they were disappointed, psobly even felt let down, because here was no new product!

You have a really good product. Well conceived, well executed. You have a big choice to make. DO you wish to continue as a vendor? If so you will have to invest in creating an entire product line. The more choices, the broader your client base. Then you will have to commit to continue to expand the line. Also realize you may have to "wait out" your customer!! I would bet there were quite a few haunters who saw your product the first two shows and either they couldn't afford the price yet, or don't have a spot for it. Now they will either save up the money, find a way to justify the expense, build the new room or what ever excuse. Now if they come back next year and you are gone.... well you lost a customer that you already spent the money to cultivate!!

Ask any vendor, I am sure they will back me up. You will also spend untold time and money designing and building props that no one wants!! It may seem like a good idea... then no response!! You do have an advantage in that you wn and operate a haunt. In your scenerio you could get a chance to try the intended product out in your own haunt. If it works, you bring it out. Problem here if it doesn't it makes your Haunt suffer!!!!

One partial exception would be the Spooky Props Chainsaw. He is in fact a one product vendor. He did expand in that he offers two variations of he saw, but it is al he does. He is successfuly because one, he kept returning year after year. Two he sets very realistic goals on what he produces and what he needs to produce. To him it's a sideline that he makes a couple bucks at but mostly he provides a service to fellow Haunters. I am sure he has new buyers that saw him 4 years ago and now just bought their first saw! It's all what you want to get from the business

Again, you have a good product. But you only have ONE! What else can you ring to the table??? Different characters? Accessory pieces? New lines? Only you can decide if it is worth the investment of time and money. Almost anyone can build one item. You built a good one. Now only you can decide. Short term or long run?? One hit wonder or continuing product line? You guys have the chops to compete in the marketplace. Your only question is do you want to??

Good luck!!

Allen H
05-13-2009, 02:42 PM
I believe they have three products, the ivy suit, the skeleton, and the mummy.
But I get what you are saying.
Allen H

05-13-2009, 11:58 PM
Actually, we have the Mummy, Corpse (decayed, mummified or "bare bones") and the Anubis (that's THREE). The "Ivy Man" is not ours, never has been. We showed the Ivy Man as a favor. We introduced the suits last year. Between filling orders and working for Tony, there was not much time for new creations. After that, IAAPA and my open heart surgery. Spookywoods (the haunted attraction) is not mine, it is owned by Tony and Donna. I simply designed, foam sculpted and painted the Castle, mini Cathedral, Egyptian scene, a few other odds and ends including mask and character design and some costume creation plus make up for the month of October. Just minimal things that anyone can do.
I said we didn't have a good TW show, however, we did make profit. We did have the 3 costumes there, but did not show 2 of them well enough. It was all I could do, in recovering and repeatedly re-breaking my sternum, just to make it to the show with what we had. Hell, our banner didn't even make it there until the day before we left to come home (thanks FedEx!).
The skull mask was not intended for the Mummy costume, obviously, although with a grimy paint job and some wrapping would work out beautifully. I have a mummy mask in the works right now, and yes Allen, it has a circlet. We have a loincloth with the Anubis, not sure about adding one to the Mummy.... The mask in the photos goes with the corpse costumes, naturally. I didn't have another to show with the costume.
xxxdirk, I could add more... And more. I try to keep the costumes as minimal in weight and keep them as cool and breathable as possible. That said, I'm doing some R&D on the corpse to, in part, turn it into a Mummy and still be comfortable and breathable. The Mummy costume pictured above is all sewn to a hand made suit underneath. Adding TO that will be bulky and *probably* a little too uncomfortable.
Somethingintheice, tell me about it. I was a make up artists with Universal Studios for three years, I can live without that humidity but the nights got pretty chilly in October. The sad truth is, you play dress up for Halloween. Any excess clothing and masks, latex or otherwise, will increase your body temperature-not to mention the extra physical activity.
RJP, aside from the latex mask, it's no different than any other costume, why would someone "literally DIE" in it? On your website I see actors in doctor scrubs with lab coats and long sleeves and hoodies, another running a chainsaw. But I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone else.... It gets hot when you dress up and/or put on a mask (of any kind) and start moving around. Anyway, the corpse costume did well last year because it is so diverse. It's a corpse for haunted attractions that can be dressed as just about anything - from a simple rotted walking grave yard corpse to a sword slinging pirate la Pirates of the Caribbean. I didn't blame the show in my post, simply saying it wasn't a great show for us, I'm sorry you misunderstood that. Some other vendors blew the roof off. It wasn't a "big bang then nothing", it just slowed down. We did have new product in St. Louis. Vegas was great for us because most of our orders (bulk orders) were to Theme Parks and over seas. Allot of those buyers did NOT attend the St Louis show, but did go to Vegas. We received emails from past buyers when they returned from the Vegas show this year. Disney bought around 20 last year, their competitor in Hong Kong bought 6 or 8. Neither attended St. Louis. This wasn't a 'bitch about Transworld' topic nor was it a post about continuing (or not) as a vendor. I think you read too much into it. The point WAS that there was not enough interest to roll these out. I have a costumer in Orlando sew these costumes. She can add us to her schedule with a certain amount of orders to complete or devote her time to other $ projects, not stressing over an order or two she may have to squeeze in here or there, for us, while working on other things.
I just wanted to show the costume for those that did not get to see it at the show. Had no idea it would turn into anything other than that but thanks to all for the interesting comments.

And below is what we took to Transworld.

And in case you couldn't tell the difference, here is the old Mummy costume and the new Mummy costume....

And if anyone is interested, this costume is up for grabs. It's the only one I have. I'll even paint a new mask for ya!