View Full Version : Cracking -Up the meeting today.

Jim Warfield
05-13-2009, 11:55 PM
After 2 hours of talking" tourism" and advice from a Fed. & State employees on such matters, the room of 20 people might have been getting antsie since it was now 12:30 and discussing local beauty, the natural rock formations in the city park were mentioned.
"Have any of you seen "The Devils Tower?"
Jim said, "Every night!" (Me thinking along haunted house connections)
Our Mayor smirked heavilly from across the room.
Someone else asked the group, "Has anyone been to the old Cave/Lead Mine? Has anyone been in it lately?"
Jim said:"That's where The Devil's Tower "hides every night."
Now more were laughing right out loud, but not loud enough that I couldn't hear a man lean into the one reporter who was there and say:"Don't print that."

Jim Warfield
05-14-2009, 12:08 AM
They were talking about "First Impressions" upon entering a town for the first time.
Old route 64, abandoned by the state, not picked up by the city is a narrow mess of pot holes and tar strips, giving the impression that we are a town of ineffectual idiots, unable to fix a mere road, laying there.
My suggestion was signage:"You are now entering the GM test track for armoured vehicles."
There. All "Fixed".

Also discussion was heard about trying to rebuild the 1843 stone ruins that was still at least looking like a house two years ago before the spring in the basement ("Water", not Mattress) undermined the foundation and sent two walls (out of a mere 4) toppling down.
For the last 50 years this house has needed much work and nobody was interested in doing it or having it done. Now there are just two walls left, Now let's rebuild and fix it !???
My suggestion?
We call it "The Wailing Wall" and leave it at that.
An alderman sitting beside me was almost unable to contain herself she found this so ironic.
(I found out last week that I'm probably twice as "Jewish" as I thought I was. I'll be spending time at that new tourist destination, that wall/thing. whatever???)
"Wha! wha! wha! wha!"