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05-17-2009, 10:26 AM
What is your opinion ??

I remember back when I was a patron ( Horror Fan ) gathering around 10-20 of my friends and hitting all the kick ass haunts we could drive to in a weekend. I can remember watching commercials on T.V. ( Some let me down and some blew the competition away ) Sometimes the hype in the commercial got me to visit the haunt but the commercial blew the haunt WAY OUT OR Proportion. Yes, the exaggerated commercial got me there but Im the type of person that wouldnt return - due the fact that they kind of ( Short Changed Me )

This thread is asking for you to vote

I would like to know how you as owners feel about commercials that over-exaggerate haunts and how it effects the market.

Jolly Pumpkin
05-17-2009, 11:50 AM
Music, movies and video games also do the same thing with their commercials. How many times have you watched TV where they have a commercial for a video game, but don't show any actual footage of the game and instead a dramatic cut scene. If a haunt is going to get a commercial created it would only be fair to have just a little big of actual footage from their haunt so the customer has an idea of what they are in store for.

It's neat to have haunting music and scary images in your commercials to get people interested in your haunt, but an incredible haunt can have that created and so can a mediocre one if they have the money. So if a haunt is as good as it is why not show actual footage of your haunt in the commercial. It will speak for itself and really bring in customers. But it it's your first year there is no way you would be able to do that.

It's great to have a stock commercial with your custom logo integrated into it, but the crappy haunt down the street could do the exact same thing or have a better commercial created that doesn't include footage of their mediocre haunt. So just let footage of your haunt speak for itself while incorporating great music and a great message describing how awesome your haunt is. If you don't people will eventually catch on to your misleading commercial and it will create an effect you didn't want to achieve.

Mike Goff
05-17-2009, 06:46 PM
Step 1 - Do what is necessary to drive traffic to the website. Once they are at the website they can get as much info as they want. The website is your best chance to make a good impression, and give an accurate account of your show. When in doubt, under promise, over deliver.

Step 2 - repeat step 1

Step 3 - repeat step 2

Jim Warfield
05-17-2009, 11:09 PM
I paid for a series of ads one October on cable tv hooked up to 19,000 tvs, only 25 miles away from my house and maybe 10 people saw those ads and came here!? (I may as well have gone to the riverboat casino!)
On the other hand, my house has been on Tv so many times , shown over and over again, all around this country and around the world that there is no way that I could EVER afford to buy such coverage.
Just last Oct. I was on the I-90 North show from Chicago, I was on "Wild Chicago" and they rebroadcast it numerous times over a three year time period. I was told the audience got to vote and got to see again their shows that got the most votes. It was on something like 35 times in 3 years.
I was on The Comedy Channel's show "Travel Sick".
But the "Biggie" was probably The Home& Garden Network show "Extreme Homes". This was even broadcast across Europe showing me dubbed speaking French! ("Wee! Wee!)
Making the cover of National Geographic World didn't "hurt" either, 3 million copies printed.
I think the reason I have received all of this exposure are: I approach everything here as my own original "ART", I have always had uncommon ideas, the house is my forum for them. Today a man very conected to Haunting got to see my newset creation(still some work to do on it) and he said that he has never seen anything similair to it before. It might be a very scary thing to some, a complete joke to others , or even a political statement, or a supernatural monster of a whole new "Ilk"?
The house and what I have done here fit the certain criteria for some of these shows whether it was because it's also my home or because I use alot of attempted humor here in the things I make and the performances I put on.
Lastly but also very important, I feel that I have been so fortunate in these ways because...I was there waiting to answer the phone when they rang it, I was not away at my day-job, this is my day-job!
Being OPEN year-round also gives me the chance to accept their money to come through the house every night of the year(almost), If they can pull themselves away from their televisions!

Kelly Anderson
05-18-2009, 08:02 PM
I think some haunted attractions axaggerate on their commercials mainly to out do their compeditors. Surely some people will be dissapointed after going through the haunt. There always is. You just cant please everybody.

The volunteer haunt I've been a part of now for several years, fortunatelly gets some advertising airtime donated to us. However, during our airtime, we have some of our actors in full dress actually go to the news studio and do inerviews with the news anchors. Works out great for us. Our busiest nights we push about 900 people through. Which is HUGE for us.

Kelly Anderson

05-19-2009, 07:03 AM
I was simply curious after seeing the birage of new haunt commercials over the past few years. Technology is a great thing, we can do SO much these days.... we can write, direct, hire actors, use better cameras / filters, and if all else fails we can use digital effects and or picture effects and turn pictures into slide show / movie and hire special effects companies.
As I have watched several commercials in the past I often wondered how others felt about them. - If a SMALL haunt would ( AND THIS IS MADE UP ) have a comercial of say - a abandoned building and lunatics running wild i.e. insane asylum with awesome scenery props and etc. with a very dramatic plot actually hurt the market if they have a haunt of say 1000 sq. ft. and a mediocur show at best?

Like I said.... I can remember watching a few kick-ass commercials, making a list of haunts we would visit, gathering all my friends and heading down to a few haunts then being brought back to reality abruptly as I decide if I should even purchase a ticket and then wishing I hadnt at the end of the haunt. ( Maybe my standards have always been to high ? )

Yes, I would do what I could to draw the patron to the site ( But ) I dont think t.v. commercials do this.... t.v. commercials drive the patron to the haunt. Internet commercials and advertisement drive the patron to the site.

I wonder if we tend to loose touch when we go from haunt or horror fan to haunt or horror owner. Im sure we do,
Im not pulling punches ( Please dont missunderstand me )
I am simply trying to shine a light on somthing that might have not had any light shed on it in some time.

05-19-2009, 08:11 AM
I think you make a very good point. Another thing to consider: Even if the commercial is shot IN the actual haunt, the editing style, actors, lighting, music, etc. are going to make for a different experience for the viewer.

The haunt I used to work for made it a point to use actual scenes from the show in our commercials. We looped them and showed them on a projector for the people waiting in line. Throughout the show, you would hear some people saying "oh, this is the room from the video" and then you would hear others saying "where are all the hot girls?? Wheres Marilyn Manson???" It's true, you can't please everyone.