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05-28-2009, 10:45 AM
Currently we use an old warehouse for free, but we can only be set up for Sept and Oct.

Set up and tear down takes hundreds of man hours. It seems like a waste to devote too much time to set detail knowing it will be torn down. We design sets to be simple and have great scare spots, but detail not so much.

As I look toward the next 2 to 3 years, a permanent location is going to be my number one goal. This will allow me to improve each set without the time crunch.
I can take those hundreds of hours of build time and use them to perfect scenes, improve the scares, etc.

So, what advice can you more experienced haunters give someone looking to make that big step.

What are some of the set backs that might be lurking out there?

What is a maximum percentage that your lease should cost compared to your gross during the first few years?

Did a permanent location accelerate your success from an OK haunt to a fantasic one? or am I over-estimating the advantage of a pernanent location.

05-28-2009, 07:43 PM
We're actually going thru this process this year also.

I can tell you that getting a permenant location takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

I will be pretty expensive this first year that you're into your new building. It all depends on what the building has as far as safety. Right now, we're looking at dishing out almost $20k in fire alarm, and smoke detector systems.

Its hard to say as far as how much you should spend on rent/mortgage. I think thats something your just gonna have to sit down and think about it, and talk to your partners about it.

Before you commit yourself to a contract or a loan to buy a building, you wanna go through all of your steps:
location, parking, alarm systems, safety systems, building inspectors, city officials, zoning requirements, etc., etc.

The last thing you want to have happen, is you forget about one of these, or something else, and you purchase/sign a lease on this building... and then you have to dish out $30K on something you overlooked or forgot about.

I hope some of this helps you.

05-28-2009, 07:57 PM
Be sure to also dictate, ON PAPER, what you (tennent) and the landlord are responsible for! This is how ours went down:

Landlord responsible for:
-Exterior of building with the exception of signage/promotions installed by tennent
-Parking lot maintance
-Sprinkler System/Heat detector maintance and inspection
-Maintance of power, heating/air, plumbing. Does not mean the bill, just the "taking care of".
-All security and locks.
-Responsible for installation of two additional emergency exit doors, if needed.
-Insurance of building excluding interior installations (haunt)

OK...ok... bascially, we had a GREAT landlord! He's given us a open building to do what the hell we want and he's taking care of alot of stuff for us!

If you have any questions about anything, just drop me a PM! -Tyler