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Gore Galore
06-03-2009, 11:37 AM
I am very please to be able to say Gore Galore had our products on Law and Order Criminal Intent on Sunday Evening. The show featured our "Lester" corpse on the gurney in the exam room. The episode is called "Astoria Helen"

Here is a 3 minute clip of the show, but it doesn't have the corpse in it.

06-03-2009, 02:11 PM
Good job kevin!!!!

Killer Katie
06-03-2009, 02:23 PM
Congrats! That is so freakin' awesome! I didn't realize i was rubbing elbows with celebrities in the back of gadget's van! (wow - that didn't sound good, LOL)

damon carson
06-03-2009, 02:39 PM
Does this mean an increased price on the Lester prop?

Gore Galore
06-03-2009, 03:21 PM
Only for you Damon.
Only for you.

I am lucky to be able to say we have done multiple pieces for USA television over the years.
We did some for an episode of LAO SVU called "Wrath" We had three corpses in that one. I also did a custom corpse for LAO SVU episode called "Hate" and surprisingly enough, I have never seen it.

And I think my funnest project was this infant mummy I did for a Court TV recreation of a case of an Archeologist who was robbing ancient graves and selling the burial wrappings and then burying the corpses in his back yard. Weird story but fun project.

Old Tree Studios
06-03-2009, 08:25 PM
That is so cool. Congratulations again Kevin! Just don't go all Hollywood and forget about us little guys.

Gore Galore
06-05-2009, 10:31 AM
I don't think that is possible.
We are the little guys.
I much prefer making costumes and puppets for haunts than working on film or tv.

06-05-2009, 06:58 PM
That is awesome!!!

Gore Galore
06-08-2009, 12:13 PM
Well, this is pretty funny but one of the other films we have work in just happened to also be showing on the weekend.
It is called "The Fallen Ones" by Van Hook Studios on the Sci Fi channel as a Sci Fi original movie. It features our "Chester" corpse in the credits and a quick cut in the film.

Here is the info for the film.

The Mad Hatter
06-09-2009, 01:04 AM
Props on that one man, Quite literally! I look forward to watching that whole episode now.

-Frank Balzer

06-11-2009, 04:23 AM
Congrats Kevin! I love hearing when any haunt vendors stuff makes it into TV or movies. It just goes to show the level of quality that haunt vendors are stepping up to these days.

Keep up the good work!

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