View Full Version : Does anyone do background checks on actors?

06-05-2009, 10:21 AM
I am spending a lot of time working on loss prevention, and the good ole sexual harassment issue comes up. We have had a few problems with some of the teenagers sneaking off in the corn and such... but nothing too serious. This issue and the threat of 18+ and under 16s running off in the woods terrifies me. We could be one incident away from bad press.... the worst kind of bad press.

This leads me to ask... do you do anything to pre-screen your actors/employees/volunteers before you hire them? Does anyone perform background checks? I think this could be a huge issue if it were ever to surface. Any bad experiences? Any stories? Or... am I just being paranoid?

Mr Nightmarez
06-05-2009, 12:17 PM
This was asked somewhere a few weeks ago. The problem #1 Background checks are expensive.
#2 we interview and have auditions to weed out anyone we feel can no meet our expectations.
#3 Out of 50 actors we might hire 2 or 3 under 18. At least the 18+ are legal adults....

And having key leaders that report any "misconduct" is always a big help (Or as we call them $1 more an hour spies...) :)

06-05-2009, 08:55 PM
We do background checks here in Missouri. We have something set up in the court system here which allows you to check someones record for free. I look up Missouri courts and it shows me the site. I think it is case.net or something like that.
We have had sex offenders apply for jobs at our haunt and that site flagged them for us.

Another thing we do that helps "weed" out some is our random drug testing. Drug testing may seem harsh for a haunt but it has raised the quality of our actors considerably.
When questioned about why we were doing drug testing because we had not done it in the past we simply said our new insurance regulations required it for our customers safety.
Our actors know the new requirements and we have never had anyone fail our testing.

( FYI Our insurance does not require drug testing but it is a great response to an actor that questions why it has to be done.)
Doing background checks is a great idea. It gives you comfort in knowing the workers you hire are clear from any issues in the past.