View Full Version : Thank you from Hundred Acres Manor!!!

06-05-2009, 02:30 PM
Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank all of you that attended our haunt on Wednesday night on the Midwest Haunters Pre-Con Tour. This was our first time on a tour of this scale and we were thrilled to have you all. Most of the comments seemed to be pretty positive so we're pleased.

Not everything was perfect, but it was the best we could do for the time that we had, don't forget we're 100% volunteer! We went from a decision of not changing anything from last year to changing 80% of the house. Some scenes weren't 100% done, audio was definitely not 100%, our media players were giving us some issues in our first room running the Ghost Bust, a few ScareFactory items broke, again, but overall it wasn't bad. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the food, beer and wine beforehand ;)

I also wanted to give special thanks to a few vendors that really made some things happen for us;

Pete Rondeau @ HauntBots

We've been dealing with Pete for a number of years now and he's always awesome to deal with. He stopped by to give us a hand Sunday and Monday before the tour, coming all the way from Gettysburg. It's not a short drive! And its really weird having a vendor just pop in and be pretty much like "Put me to work". I could type pages on how Pete has taken care of us over the years. At this point, 90% of the controllers that run the house are Pete's, so you all saw what his gear can do. Pete and his wife really bailed myself and Ethan out in St Louis when we literally became stranded due to a rental car issue. It's not often you can call a vendor to bum a 12 hour ride home! Pete, thank you again!


Huge thanks to Bert, Kim and Adam from MiniSpotlight.com! We brought them in Sunday before the tour to relight our entire haunt in just 3 days with their LED MiniSpots. They are an absolute blast to work with and their have a fantastic product. Definitely go see these guys for your lighting needs and stay away from the ripoff / knockoff products out there, their LED's are the original real deal! Thanks again Bert, Kim and Adam!! I loved having you guys out at our place!

Mike Fox @ Night Fright Productions

For those of you that don't know, Mike is the creator of the GhostBust, formerly sold through Skulltronix. We bought a pair of his busts at TransWorld this year as well as a custom routine. Due to a creativity roadblock, we got our script to him a bit later than we really should have, but Mike made it happen. Mike wanted to make it happen so bad that I was getting emails at 3, 4, 5 in the morning (his time), pulling a few all-nighters and adding a few extra special things to get our script out for us before the show. Mike really went beyond what he should have to have a perfect setup for our first room show. Thanks Mike!! (And sorry about keeping your wife awake at TransWorld...)

I would also like to publicly thank our terrific staff for making the night go as smooth as it did. Ted Sobek and Bill Wolfe for not having a mental breakdown, Damon Maraccini and Ethan Turon for taking care of the front of house, Tiffany Dunlap and Alysha Funk on maintenance, Danny Henn and Schmitty on security, Christine Richie, Kathy and little Eric on Zone Management, Mike James on audio (and just about everything else), Matt Eames, Nicole Costello, Tom Strong, Elliot Gardner and Kyle Vest for doing a fantastic job on makeup. Raaaaaayy Karhut and Erin Kelly for being the best helpers and errand runners, evar.

I also want to thank our guest actors, Leah Younk and Joe Soquet from Terror on the Fox, Sara Beth, Kristy, Micha and Twist from Morgan Manor and lastly, Tater, Jackie and Tom from Feature Creatures in Columbus. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME actors! We were so wicked geeked to have you guys at our haunt!!!!

Thanks again guys!

And we REALLY want to know what everyone thought of the haunt! Good, bad or otherwise, don't hold back, we want to know!