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Jim Warfield
06-06-2009, 11:44 AM

08-15-2009, 06:57 PM
Im not sure what that post was but it made me think of 13th Floor (http://13thfloorhauntedhouse.com) Haunted House in Denver, CO. The swear the haunted house is really haunted and actually had ghost hunters check it out last month! I believe they are doing a TV show on it, I will post future date if it happen

damon carson
08-19-2009, 09:44 AM
I believe that there hasnt been a post here for so long Jim got temporarely possessed. Beelzebub took over and made him type it. LOL!

Warren Vanderdark
10-04-2009, 09:27 AM
While we've had our share of odd things happening or weird little technical quirks in the beginning, we'd never really paid much attention to them until the past two years, when things began to get REALLY strange.

In our backstory for The Baxter Avenue Morgue, my character, Warren, murdered his own father on Friday, October 3rd, 1932, when he discovered the experiments that Warren had been conducting on the remains of the loved ones that had been entrusted to the morgue for thier final arrangements. Last year, October 3rd fell on a Friday and the members of what I like to refer to as our "24/7 cast" kicked things up a notch.

Sound effects speakers began randomnly kicking out when there was no apparent technical reason for doing so. Cast members reported seeing a shadowy figure peeking at them from around corners and when they went to check on who it was, found no one there. And in the two most startling incidents, our demented coroner "Dr. Blood" was lifted several inches off the floor (this was witnessed by six other cast members) and shoved against an old refrigerator used in one scene, and one of our wildest characters, "Pongo" (half-man, half-dog, all crazy) was preparing to climb atop a crate in a darkened hallway to hide for when the next group of customers came through, when he glanced up and saw a pale, expressionless face staring back down at him from the rafters. This scared HIM so badly that he ran out into our dressing room area and it took 45 minutes for our executive director to convince him not to quit.

A local group, Louisville Paranormal Investigations (www.louisvilleparanormalinvestigations.com) has been studying the Morgue for the past year now and have captured numerous EVPs (inlcuding a couple that have mentioned yours truly by my GIVEN name, not my character!) as well as digital photos of some full body apparitions, ectoplasmic globs and figures standing in the background in scenes where NO ONE was at at the time. At this time, they've been able to determine that we're currently haunted by five resident spectres, a bad-tempered male and four females, as well as a small child (seen peeking over the edge of a gurney in a recent digital photo) and the squat, shadowy figure known by the staff members as "The Gremlin", who enjoys playing peek-a-boo and making small props disappear briefly, only to have them suddenly return minutes later. LPI also has reason to believe that since we're located just down the street from two of Louisville's largest and oldest cemeteries, that some of our ghostly visitors may just be dropping in for a brief visit, just to see what's going on ...

Jim Warfield
10-11-2009, 10:11 AM
When the frequency of strange stuff increases, usually.
Is part of it just people's minds turning more final and morbid with so much of nature going dead around us?
Mechanically measured time and solar kept time are at their maximum odds with one another on October 31st. What does this tell us?
Time warp? Two worlds getting a peek at one another?
Maybe gravity has a huge influence upon keeping these worlds inplace and it fails slightly as the earth spins and tips?

Warren Vanderdark
10-18-2009, 03:30 PM
The head of Louisville Paranormal Investigations has told me that due to the fact that spiritual entities tend to create an electrical disturbance when they appear (hence the "tingling" feeling that some people experience in haunted locales) they in turn feed off of atmospheric electricity generated by impending thunderstorms or will drain the power from camera batteries and recording devices. I've personally sat in on a few investigative sessions where freshly charged batteries would be placed in a camera, only to have it go totally dead mere minutes later.

Jim Warfield
10-29-2009, 11:03 PM
Many years ago channel 8 from the quasi-moto cities was here to film a piece about my house.
They drug in something like 95 pounds of fully charged batteries and a few minutes later they were dead.
Granted this was old battery technology and the batteries were powering camera and lights, but still they were surprised how quickly it happened.
A few nights ago a helper here saw a green orb coming up the very dark basement steps headed right at him! He moved quickly!

damon carson
11-27-2009, 12:52 PM
Jim my old friend. Dont take that the wrong way. LOL! I havent been on the board in about a month. And havent had the chance to ask you if any major things happened this past Halloween. Did you have your ghost hunters tour again? Just wondering. Any normal events say "Ripping out your pants." Or your zipper getting stuck you can leave out. LOL!
Take care,

Kelly Anderson
11-29-2009, 11:35 AM
A long time ago, when I first started working in our haunt, I got my best “haunted”, haunted house story. A little after 6:30 pm, I’m coming into the basement of our haunt. I’m in a mad rush to get ready for opening at 7pm. I get down there to hear a friend of mine is already there getting his costume on in this little dressing room we created around the set. He asked me if I had been down there earlier. I replied “NO”. He said “really, so you didn’t just poke at my shoulder a little bit ago?” I had just arrived and got down there. To my knowledge no one else was down there. My small group is the only ones that work in the basement and all of them are still in the makeup rooms.

My friend had told me all sorts of ghost stories about the place before I had started working there. I figured now he is just trying to mess with me, so I didn’t think to much more about it, and continued on getting ready.

A short while later, the rest of my help arrives. My sister, she gets freaked out so easily, doesn’t like being any where in the house alone, comes up to me and asks what time it is, as it has to be getting close to 7 by now. I looked at her and pointed to her watch and said “you tell me“. She said that her watch stopped. So.. ok I asked my friend if he had a watch and if so what time it was. He looked down at his watch and seen that his watch had stopped as well.. A little ironic I thought. Then I had the thought to ask them both what time there watches had stopped. Both of them replied 6:30. Just a few minutes before I arrived in the basement and when my friend said he felt someone poke his shoulder. Yah,,, this had us all a bit freaked out. My sister really did not what to be down there now!

Jim Warfield
11-29-2009, 11:50 AM
Battery watches are no good!
I used to have a 1940 Boy Scout sundial. It was built into a brass case smaller than a cell phone. You flipped open the lid, pulled up the pointer, looked at the built-in compass , pointed it and looked at the shadow and you knew what time it was.
No ghost could interfear...unless they cast their shadow across the working surface of it.
That would be scary.
The skeptics are usually the ones who have not had any such experiences...yet.
Or they are people who just aren't paying attention?
"Life is Strange, If you take the time ...to notice."

Kelly Anderson
11-29-2009, 02:18 PM
Jim, that sounds like an idea for next years room!! That would scare the $*^*& out of me!!

Jim Warfield
12-25-2009, 06:52 AM
I know a young woman who will feel a tingling feeling on her forearms just before she might see "something".
Her Father owns a summer cabin in rural Wisconsin. When she was a very young girl she would get this sensation and "see" two men dressed in suits sitting up to the bar in the basement of this house. They were there but not quite all totally formed, of course this scared and intriegued her.
As an adult she mentioned this to her Father and he said, "I have been seeing those two guys (in suits, sitting at the basement bar) for years."
She became alittle upset over this since it would have made her feel better knowing that way back then.
When somone else sees the same thing the personal doubt gets removed and the experience becomes validated usually a calming thing.
When groups of people would all say they saw the resident ghost here and described it giving the same description as had been given beginning in 1925 impressed me especially since those witnesses were coming from a long way away and the odds that they knew anyone locally to clue them in to the haunted history were very slim.