View Full Version : Thanks MHC, Haunters, Costumes For Kids Raised....

06-08-2009, 09:45 AM
I just wanted to Thank everyone that continues to stop by, record and have fun at the RFR Booth at every event.

I also want to thank everyone who donated to the Costumes for Kids Charity Raffle (I will list all the vendors who donated items later today.)

We raised $1225.00 for Costumes For Kids!!!!!

THANK EVERYONE who placed a page in the Haunt Industry Coloring Book, and Donated Raffle Prizes and THANK everyone who purchased Coloring Books and Tix.

And THANK everyone for the continued support of RFR. You have made us what we are and for those of you we told this weekend remember Jan or Feb of 2010 be prepared for the next evolution in RFR. But remember hush hush.

ANd I would also like to THANK The RFR Haunt Hotties for selling Tix, Promoting during make up classes, the Demos and working the RFR Booth.

Thank you! Thank you to Jon Shroyer for doing the awesome RFR Stencil Airbrush on the backs of the model.

And thank you to Steph for the Ms Midwest Scary PAgeant! You rocked it even if We didnt win.

Thank you to JAmBam (Brett) for helping get the RFR Booth to MHC this yr and also thank EVERYONE who brough costumes to us for the Costumes For Kids Chairty.

And I know there is a ton more...but Thank you in the end for everyone for being so nice and showing that at MHC more than any con....politics dont need to be a huge burden, everyone can have fun and together we can be an industry!