View Full Version : We Have Been Busy.

Jim Warfield
06-11-2009, 10:58 AM
People every night, almost.
Groups large and small. we recorded some incredible screams here lately, all fear-inspired no theatrical outbursts for mere psychological therapy .
This week we had 15 summer stock actors seeing the show and was that nutty!
Looking at them in the front room saw a total example of emotion and expressions (all at once!) some crying, some laughing, some trying to become an ostrich sticking their head in someone else's armpit to hide!
The horrific thing I sometimes do in the kitchen got the most extreme reaction I have ever seen from a young man who was beside himself with terror and revulsion.
As he realised what was being attempted to one of the girls during my routine, he threw both his arms up into the air, spun around and began pacing in small circles pleading and muttering, then returning to look again at the situation, then spinning around again all the while protesting in disbelief what he thought he was seeing or was about to see happen.
By comparison the designated "Victim" was pretty calm.
Actor's have their imaginations turned up sometimes and it gets very rewarding feeling like you have such influence and power to ellict such scenes.