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nOrTHeRn TouCh
06-11-2009, 02:37 PM
Hey guys we have been getting our funding all wrapped up and am moving forward in acquiring everything we need to open this season... I am in the process of looking for sponsors but was unsure have where to start and who to ask...
Now we have a local Pepsi/Hostess factory here in my town so this is a sure fire place I want to hit up but I was really interested in Monster Energy and was wondering if anyone out ere worked with them, I checked there web site and it has changed from the last time I was there and there is nothing really about biz sponsorship... Any help would be great...

06-12-2009, 12:25 PM
Im kinda in the same hole you're in right now. But I will say that monster Energy may not work. They dont want to be associated with this industry is what I've read before.

But Pepsi is a big time player with haunts.

Hope this help a little.

Haunts of Richmond
06-12-2009, 09:41 PM
But I will say that monster Energy may not work. They dont want to be associated with this industry is what I've read before.

Monster Energy corporate offices might feel that way, but local distributors shouldn't have a problem with it. At least with supplying banners, etc (paging Raycliff Manor).

I met with my local Monster distributor last month. I basically set-up a formal meeting with their promotions department with one telephone call, went to the business meeting dressed appropriately, and presented information on our attraction with who, what, why. I then showed them our demographics and current/future goals as far as attendance and growth goes. Next I pitched the idea of them supplying the signage (with our logo and theirs) in exchange for tickets and having a dedicated "College Night" every Thursday, where Monster can send out their vehicle and the "monster girls" can hand out free drinks. There also would be a link/logo exchange on our websites. They thought the idea sounded great, so come September we should be all ready to go.

I doubt you'll be able to secure any sponsor money initially (especially in this current economic environment), but doing cross promotions with local restaurants and businesses that fit your demo shouldn't be a problem. Besides, why ask for a few hundred dollars to spend on one new prop, when you can get another business to promote your haunt all month for free?!

- Ryan

06-13-2009, 12:30 AM
That sounds good Ryan.

Thanks for the info, cause that helps me out a lot too!

06-13-2009, 08:22 AM
You have to ask... Why would Pepsi sponsor a haunt? They already have 100% market presence... I guarentee you you can't find ONE person who doesn't know what Pepsi/Coke is! Same goes with: McDonalds, KFC, Pepsi/Coke, Gatorage, The Big 3 TV stations... etc. etc.

I've found that it's better, and sometimes easier, to get sponsorships with locally owned businesses and regional chains. For example, Tom Hortons! I'm sure alot of you know what it is, if you live up north... but here in KY they are non-exsistant. So, it's a regional chain that may be willing to do a sponsorship! ... But the BIG, MAJOR companies... I wouldn't think so.

Also, todays time... you won't get money/cash for a sponsorship. Most likely it would be an "in kind" sponsor or a trade of goods/services. So, maybe some good sponsors for you would be: Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express, Kinko's, Home Depot, local/regional pizza chains, Local party stores, Gas stations, movie theaters, etc. etc.

Hope this helped in some way.


06-13-2009, 01:03 PM
Tyler makes an excellent point. Many people assume that just because a big business has big money they will be easy to hit up for a big sponsorship.

Sponsorships for any type of event (way outside the haunt industry) are difficult to get. Everyone has this dream of getting that one big or several not so big sponsors and all their problems are solved. That is more the exception than the rule.

RJ Productions
06-17-2009, 12:32 AM
I agree with Tyler...except it's TIM Hortons!

I did Sponsorsip seminars for Transworld, it is extremely rare to get any kind of cash sponsorship.

Always look at the sposors side, it you were him would YOU consider it a good deal?

Too many Haunters have an inflated sense of value. The first thing they tell sponsors is they can put up signs or pas out flyers/coupons at their attractions. What's your average attendance??? Even some of the biggest haunts only have 40,000. So why would Pepsi pay thousands of dollars to only reach 40,000 people when one TV commercial can reach 500,000, 1 maybe 2 million?

The first year I went to Pepsi I had a deal in my pocket. The local grocery chain was also a sponsor. They agreed that if Pepsi sponsored and promoted the tie in they would allow Pepsi displays in all their stores. So I go to Pepsi with this display option. They jumped immediately because I provided real value. The grocer gives display space, Pepsi promotes going to that grocer for a coupon at the display, we get all the coverage.

If it's a value for the sponsor, you have a better chance. Just always keep it real, if anything undervalue yourself, once they are in you can prove your value for them to continue as a sponsor. We have had sponsors for over 10 years now.

So walk a mile in your sponsor's shoes first. How would you react if someone wants you to sponsor a kid's baseball team? It's great exposure for your event, your name on every uniform! So how many people see the uniforms? How many times? What time of year?

It may create good will, but how effective a marketing tool???

06-17-2009, 07:35 AM
Hahahaha... I guess that just proves my point about not having any here! Awesome. (Smacks head) -Tyler

RJ Productions
06-19-2009, 09:11 AM
But if you have a haunt up north Tim Horton's would be a GREAT sponsor!! There's more Timmy's there than Starbucks has in LA!!!

I think we're all in agreement that Haunts, especialy new haunts, must realize you are NOT going to get a few sponsors pay for you to build a haunt!! Think of it this way.... will auto parts maufacturers pay you to open a Auto Parts store? Is Pepsi and Hostess going to pay you to open a 7-11?? So why would companies pay you to open a haunt?? They pay for advertising, but we are too much of a niche market to be effective. Work on using sponsors for promotion. That way you benefit if hey benefit.