View Full Version : Is Your Haunt "Addictive"?

Jim Warfield
06-12-2009, 03:32 PM
I was told this morning that," My house is the most addictive thing in Illiniois."
Different "strokes 4 different Folks", people like various things, maybe some other haunted houses are also "addictive"?
Ever been told this before?
I don't recall ever hearing this from a customer before. Maybe some of you have also heard this though.
The other night a young woman here for her first time made a tremendous, continious scream, which I happened to get recorded. Maybe this weekend I'll put it on my answering machine?
Maybe I'm just simple-minded but I never seem to tire of this stuff.
Something deep down inside of me feels a laugh when these types of things happen here.

06-13-2009, 11:17 AM
I have read on the fourms from customers that the haunted house I work at in IL , Is also quite addictive. It's Statesville Haunted Prison people have such a good time getting scared there they come back for more. So I think it's a good thing if your haunted house is addictive it means your doing your job and the customers want to come back to your haunted house.

Jim Warfield
06-14-2009, 09:50 PM
I have had a great many patrons here that can't believe the amount of time that has passed since their tour of the house started. Their sense of time gets very distorted here as I put many ideas and physical stimulations in their mind's eye.
Some complain after awhile and ask me to stop making them laugh because their stomach hurts!
This afternoon I entertained a young magician who recently moved into this area. He was very impressed and he even used to work in a Circus side-show!
(He is living with a man who has had a very successfull sometimes haunt related enterprise for 35 years and is developing a new historical magic act, and the funny thing is, the man does resemble that historical figure the act will be about! Pretty smart, saves alot on plastic surgery! Hint:He will be portraying a man who was the richest man in the known world when he was kidnapped and killed.... maybe this time around "Magic" can save him?)