View Full Version : Scarefactory Tombstone Flyer for Sale

06-13-2009, 02:22 PM

Up for sale is a Scarefactory Tombstone Flyer prop. It has been used at least 4 seasons.

Great quality zombie attached by giant swinging arm. When activated, zombie flys up and around tombstone. This is a large prop and needs at least 8 foot head room when it flies. When angled properly in the dark, you can not see the zombie until its activated.

I do not think Scarefactory offers this product any longer.

Runs off electricity and 120 PSI. Hand held trigger for activation is included. Scarefactory sound is included. You will need an audio/speakers for sound.

Air compressor, air hose, speakers not included.
Asking $1,150, NOT including shipping. Shipping will be extra. I will check into shipping rates. Pick up would be great. Located in western Wisconsin. Otherwise, Anyone know of a good shipping company?

I'll try to upload some more pictures and video on Youtube. The current pic is of the control board.