View Full Version : 2010 Product Update From Sophisticated Terror

06-21-2009, 04:34 PM
Hey all! Alright, Im just getting the interest out there for possibly a new point of sale ticketing system that is in development for 2010 sales. Our system is being developed with budget in mind, so that more of your dollars can go towards your show. The basic module will allow basic functions for, cash drawer integration, and ticket sales tracking. The ticket print module wich allows for on site instant ticket printing. There is a reservation module that will allow you to sell time slot tickets on site. The barcode validation module, allows for a unique barcode printed on the ticket for scanner validation. This solution will prove to be very cost effective for small to large haunts, to eleminate theft or counterfeit tickets and ticket tracking. Online integration for ticket sales will be added in the future.

Questions at Info@sophisticatedterror.com