View Full Version : Supper Cool Props

06-26-2009, 11:00 PM
Hey everyone

A friend of mine Jeff, is moving to Organ and need to
clean house, I picked up the giveaway stuff today.

Jeff still has some good stuff for sale, Coffin, Lighting,
Cool wax figure, and some Real items off a ship
Ship Hatch, Control Panel, Gauge Cluster. They
are the Real Deal so they are heavy. This stuff
came from The Movieland Wax Museum it was
part of the "Posidon Adventure" set.

Here are some photos I shot today. Contact Jeff
for pricing, they are worth way more then his asking
price. He live in the San Fernando Vally in California
His email is ( pitchingrebel (at) yahoo.com )




Jeff thanks very much for the Cool stuff. Saturday I going
start building a new room just for the new props.