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06-28-2009, 12:38 AM
Anyone in the Seattle area interested? Sounds like fun!


The Fremont Outdoor Cinema and XBOX 360 Announces
Co-Hosted by Mark Rahner & Robert Horton
Experts in Zombie Culture &Authors of Zombie Comic “Rotten”

MOVIE FAN ALERT (SEATTLE): BREAKING NEWS!!! Reports of serious fun and screaming crowds dressed as Zombies appear to be infected by the “Fan Fare” epidemic is said to be widespread and viral taken over the streets of a small arts community in Seattle, known as Fremont.

Details are trickling in from our sources. We have been told that there have been reports of mass crowds attending the screening of Shaun of the Dead, to what appears to be a the world’s largest gathering of Zombies, people are encouraged to dress up to avoid being eaten by the Living Dead.

If you’re still alive, we repeat, if you’re still alive…we need your help to spread the word to everyone you know to ensure we break the record and bring it back to Seattle. Our reputation as a city is depending on your participation. We MUST prevail for the good of all Zombie fans out there.

This is pertinent to every living man, woman and child and for the reputation of Seattle.

Everyone must meet at the extraction zone located at 3501 Phinney Ave North, home to the Fremont Outdoor Movies on Friday, July 3rd and that everyone should report in costume dressed as ZOMBIES for this historical event to ensure that you are not detected by the Living Dead. Its your only means of survival and we are counting on you to make this possible. We need 5,000 people to break the record and we need them on Friday, July 3rd.