View Full Version : Frozen Tundra Tour...must be up to something

Rich Hanf
01-15-2007, 03:10 PM
So I'm sittin back watching reruns of entourage when I should be workin on my bus tour presentation thinkin...what's the rush? Ain't gonna be nobody on that bus be me and the driver right? The phone rings and it's "The Timmer". Says he's in the bathroom so his wife won't hear him talkin to me. He says...you're never gonna believe this Rich Hanf...but the second bus...your bus...is SOLD OUT...done...finished...aint no more, you aint gettin thru the door, kaput. I'm like...hold the phone...

I know those BAD BOYZ and I'm thinkin they are up to no good. I know that "Tattoo" guy...the baddest of the Bad Boyz and I bet he went and hired one of those real short yellow buses...the kind that fits maybe 10 people, and he probably filled the bus with midgets or something to make the bus look bigger and then goes around sayin "I filled up the bus" actin all big and bad and bein' down with his bad self. I bet....

NOOOOOOOOO Rich Hanf, you got it all wrong!!! They went and got one of those bigass buses...the kind with air conditioning that holds more than
fifty people...and he sold THAT bus out too...with regular size haunters...some that were so big they needed two seats!!! This is the real deal.
They been saying they want to see YOU Rich Hanf...you are a boner fide
Ceeeee lebrity!!!

So I'm sayin..."sweet baby jesus"!!! This is goin from good to bad to worse.
Forget that in the 4 days since my last post that they doubled the amount of door and auction prizes to $20,000 (that's american money by the way),forget the fact that the free goodie bags are gettin so overfilled that they are forced to use an "extendo bag"...forget everything...I know what those Bad Boyz are thinkin. They are gonna do a third bus!!! But who would the captain of that third bus be? Who could stand as tall and give it his all like Rich Hanf?

There is only one man in this business that can give Rich Hanf a run for his money and he is so big, so smooth, so "fly" that he aint even IN this business!! That's right...this business isn't big enough to hold the likes of this next speaker...Mr Hollywood Himself..."Uptown Chuck Williams"!!!

Negotiations are in progress as you read this. Lets see if Mr Uptown Chuck Williams has what it takes to play with the "downtown Boyz"...them Bad Boyz!!! More to follow!!!