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07-02-2009, 11:51 AM
I wanted to post it here for the HW members first,
And as much as I hate to even admit it....
After months of thinking about my future and a new job I have, I have to unleash the Dungeon.
I'll be posting a much better description soon but the sale includes EVERYTHING from the ground up. The sale includes both, the Haunt & Christmas season scenes/props, complete ride system (12 cars and 0ver 730 ft of track), all lights, wiring, walls, air system, sound systems..........
If you have empty space and power, that's all you'll need after aquiring this ride.
The 11,000 sq ft basement was empty when I moved in "5 years ago" and it will be empty when the ride is sold.
It will stay as a complete package and will not part out.
I'll provide more details very soon.
You can visit www.bricktownamusement.com for a few pics but the website is way out of date from what it currently involves.
Just wanted to give a heads up.


07-02-2009, 12:29 PM

I wish you luck with the sale but am sorry to hear the news. Your place was always on my list of must-sees for the next time I was in the area, which unfortunately isn't very often.


Mad Wax Sculptor
07-02-2009, 02:50 PM
Hey Tom
how much??? and when??

07-02-2009, 04:10 PM
Man, I always wanted a dark ride! Someone will buy it forsure.

07-02-2009, 05:04 PM

I wish you luck with the sale but am sorry to hear the news. Your place was always on my list of must-sees for the next time I was in the area, which unfortunately isn't very often.


Thanks Shawn,
But it's not sold yet LOL. And we're open every weekend thru the summer. Get you butt down here....
if you can. :)
Thanks again,

07-02-2009, 05:09 PM
Hey Tom
how much??? and when??

Hey Mad Wax,

I'm about to post a listing of everything and price. I know the price will scare most away, but then again, it's not a little bitty thing either :)
And it's up for sale right now.
I will post the other info here shortly.
Thanks for the interest,

07-02-2009, 05:14 PM
Man, I always wanted a dark ride! Someone will buy it forsure.

Thanks for the confidence. We will see... This is a huge set-up. Not a little carnie thing.

07-02-2009, 05:24 PM
I've gone thru figures of the past 5 years of purchases, and ticket sales. I've tried to base the cost so I don't lose money but so another can gain, and gain it back quickly depending on their area.

So here is a lengthy list with the final info at the bottom.
Enjoy and thanks for your interest.

!!!Listing of the Complete Dungeon/Christmas Ride for Sale!!!

Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D & Adventures in SantaLand in 3D – 4 sale
Includes the complete ride system, all props and scenes, 3D panels for both a Haunted Dungeon and a Christmas themed ride, all electrical included with 400amp sub panel, pneumatic system with hundreds of feet of hose with 3 large 60 gallon compressors, front signs and towers. Everything from the ground up to fit in a 15,000 sq ft space or smaller.
Or divide into 2 smaller rides.
The track is sectional and can be placed for most any configuration.

Ride System list:
12ea 1950s Pretzel Amusement 2 seater cars (repainted/reupholstered except for 1) Chassis assy and wheels of all cars are clean and in great shape.
730 feet of track (all in great shape)
8ea 10KVA step-down transformers (120vac to 24vac)
Main control panel with E-stop button
Loader and unloader control stations with relay boxes
400amp sub electrical panel (200 amp 240v service)
Over 2,000 feet of MC electrical cable
Over 100 electrical quad box outlets
17ea b/w night vision cameras with cable
1ea color security camera for front counter
4 monitors with quad controller units (to observe 16 scenes)
Exit signs (with lights and battery back-up) for each scene and lobby throughout the ride
8 large fire extinguishers (inspected and up to date)
Complete EVAC system with over 20 speakers and main control panel
Outdoor 3D sign (Dungeon Haunted ride in 3D)
Lobby fencing (over 100’)
Wall panels (most painted flat black) thru out the ride (over 40 panels)
Castle Fašade (40’ x 18’)
100’x 8’ of stone walls for lobby and exit areas
Fire place scene with skeleton in antique wheel chair with organ, chandelier and webbing
400 watt Sound system for lobby area
2 TV monitors with DVD player for the lobby area
Complete sound system for inside ride to include 11 DVD home theater 5:1 systems providing power from a ADAT 24 channel digital sound system. And enough speaker wire to stretch across 11,000 sq ft for 66 speakers.
Scene/Prop List: Listed in order as currently set-up. Each animated prop has their own regulator, trigger switch and controllers.
All Dungeon 3D art panels are canvas (16ea 3D panels) and painted by Stewart Smith – scenes like dungeon, forest, swamp, graveyard, cave
Majority of skeletons life size and from www.Anatomical.com
Animated Coffin with rising skeleton
Foam gargoyle (upper half) hanging over entrance of ride
2ea life size knights with glowing LED eyes
3D art panel 16x8 (cave scene)
Animated barrel prop from Distortions
Star Burst light effect unit
1ea large skull with glowing LED eyes
2ea skull columns with faux flame pots inside

Dungeon Room:
4ea rock wall tomb (fiberglass)
Dungeon weapons/tools/chains all painted to 3D effects
Animated cellar doors (the ones on cowlacious)
Animated stand up coffin with skeleton
Animated drop down window with skeleton
Metal dungeon cage (life size) with skeleton sitting
Metal dungeon cage (life size) with skeleton standing
Animated Wheel of Death (rotates) with skeleton

Forest Room:
Over 20 faux trees (various sizes)
“No Trespassing” sign
3 stage prop trees (very large)
Animated skelerector with skeleton
Old metal fencing(about 20')
Animated wolf from behind trees with sound
Animated snake
Animated Werewolf from Unit 70 with sound
Animated witch
Evil Annie prop
Evil Betty prop
Spanish moss hanging from trees/ceiling
Large amount of camo netting
Bolder rock wall (8’x8’x4’)
Rock cage prop with life size skeleton
Animated skull head pop out prop with LED eyes
Animated wolf arm pop out prop
16 Hanging skulls with 3D paint

Bat Room:
4 large collapsible painted columns
Real fiberglass coffin with animated skeleton (torso riser)
Several latex bats
Large 3D bat with 8ft wing span
Full size latex vampire hanging from feet
Full size latex vampire hanging from feet with animated head
Dracula Tombstone (upper half)

Spider Room:
3 realistic life size bodies in cheese cloth and web
Animated giant spider with duel action (8’diameter) with sound
Animated spider (jumps)
Lots of flocked spiders painted 3D
Hairy spider from ceiling
Skeleton (life size)
Air cannon

Swamp Room:
Lots of Spanish moss
Large amount of camo netting
Bolder rock walls (8’x8’x4’) 3ea
7ea fiberglass rock props (5’ tall) grey and brown
Water fall and pond (8’ tall)
Animated skelerector from Distortions with sound
Animated snake (jumper)
Animated winged evil dragon from ScareFactory with sound

Graveyard Room:
Old fencing (3 sections)
Spanish moss from ceiling
Large amount of camo netting
Large amount of various style tombstones
2 life size static zombies
Animated tombstone prop
Animated skeleton (upper torso) lifter
Old style coffin
Morgue panel with animated drop down window
Mortuary scene with animated flying crank ghost
Air cannon with trigger
2ea faux flame pots on half columns
2ea dragon heads with faux flame pots hanging from mouth

Exit Lobby:
Life size stocks for photo op
16’x8’ 3D art panel (cave scene)

Now for the Christmas Stuff:
Outdoor 3D Christmas ride sign (Adventures in SantaLand)
3D Christmas wood panels for 10 scenes (over 30 panels total) painted by Halloween Productions
12’ inflatable Santa Clause
Garland with lights for 8 windows and all lobby railing (over 100’).
Animated elves (various styles 11ea)
Animated bears (2ea)
Animated Carolers (2ea)
Animated princess
Animated shoe cobbler
Life size reindeer (5 each) with life size sleigh and Santa (all fiberglass)
Large and small wrapped gift boxes
Pre-lit Christmas trees (12ea)
Life size antique sleigh
Life size Santa with animated elf
Faux snow for 4 large area scenes
Snow flakes (large) with spinners
2 life like life size reindeer
Manger structure for nativity scene
2 large nutcrackers
Animated Mrs Clause
Life size Santa
Garland for outdoor railing (over 100’)
2 animated Christmas light controllers
Animated bears with airport and 2 animated airplanes (propellers rotate)
Giant pre-lit wreaths (4ea)

Various stuff:

10ea guitar amplifier speakers for props (various sizes)
Black light fixtures, par can fixtures & spot light fixtures (various sizes and types)
thru out ride. Many fog machines (some need work). Lots of spare parts.
Several laser light fixture (various models & colors)
Web gun from Minion
Complete set of tools for working ride system and props. Electric hoist, 2 arc welders, floor jack, roll-around tool box, drill press, bench grinder and more
Shelf organizer for parts
Some spare parts for cars
Paint spray Gun
Airless paint gun
5 gallons of partially used 3D Glow paint (red, orange, yellow, blue, green)
Several roller carts
Shelf system for parts and storage
3 refrigerators, 2 microwaves, time clock, bottled water system, several fans, large swamp cooler fan, several crystal heaters and propane heaters
Over 200 amusement park style 3D glasses with rack system and repair system
400 watt sound system for outside of building with 4 JBL outdoor speakers
17’ inflatable dragon with red light eyes and can hook fogger to blow out mouth
2ea commercial glass doors with panel glass sides
2ea metal fences for security (8’x6’)
Ticket/sales counter with glass front and top
2ea cash registers
Several shirt hanging floor racks
Alarm system (new) with 3 entry, 8 window, 1 motion, 1 fire sensors & 1 siren (500ft wiring included) able to notify any phone/pager
6ea Motorola Radios with main base charger and headphones
8’x2’x16’ shelf system
2ea lit/flashing open signs
Hardened foam Dungeon doors for entrance to ride
Many fluorescent light fixtures (8’ and 4’)
Flame retardant black stage curtains (20ea) various sizes
Music & CDs for each scene of each season
Lots of strobes
2ea lightning machines
Various vinyl outdoor signs for both seasons
Chairs, tables & benches and shelves
2 person ticket booth with rock style walls.
Main relay box for emergency shut down
Popcorn machine (8oz)
Cotton Candy machine with box of paper cones
Additional outdoor electrical outlets (over a dozen quad boxes)

All items are sold as a package. I will not separate.

The Dungeon is currently setup and running in Oklahoma City, OK and appointments can be made to view the complete ride system in person. Everything listed above is in used, but good condition. Currently the ride system can handle over 300 pph but can be adjusted faster by changing out the sprocket sizes in the cars to increase capacity.
I started with a totally empty basement. 5 years later, everything collected/purchased is included in this package. The basement must be empty again.
As you can see, this package is totally complete from the ground up.
All you need is location and power. That’s it!!!

Please notice: this list is only a draft and still in work of updates.
Last updated: 03JUL09

Asking price: $200,000.00 "obo"
Email: Frightnight@cox.net

Thanks again for your interest,

07-04-2009, 11:23 AM
Make a video stick it on youtube so people can see it and or take some photos. Larry

07-04-2009, 11:09 PM
Make a video stick it on youtube so people can see it and or take some photos. Larry

That's a good idea Larry,

I have video but it's pretty lengthy. I'll see if I can get it to a shorter version. I also have pics that I'll be posting pretty soon. With the holiday weekend, we've (the Dungeon) have been pretty busy and taking up some of my free time. But there are a couple of pics I've posted on the other forum (pics/videos), but I will update with more.


07-11-2009, 10:17 AM
Hello everyone,
It's on ebay now.