View Full Version : 2007 : YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE PINUP!

01-16-2007, 12:20 AM
2007 is going to be the Year of the Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com)!

First and foremost, you asked and we heard you - you can now submit your Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com) photos directly through ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com) - just go to http://www.zombiepinups.com/zombiepinupssubmit.html and follow the instructions!

Secondly, there are already 3 (count'em! THREE!) Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com) contests confirmed for the next 6 months - 2 sooner and 1 later. Read on!


ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com) is having a Zombie Valentine online contest. From now until February 14, 2007, send in YOUR Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com) photos and win fabulous prizes. YES! FABULOUS PRIZES! ALL photos submitted between now and 2/14 will be entered in the Zombie Valentine Contest, with judging taking place the 15-20th, with winners being announced the following week. And just WHO will be doing the judging? Try THIS on for size:

>> David J. Schow (http://www.davidjschow.com), Writer : Splatterpunk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splatterpunk) pioneer, former Fangoria Magazine (http://www.fangoria.com) columnist, co-screenwriter of The Crow (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109506/fullcredits), author of Zombie Jam (http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Jam-David-J-Schow/dp/1931081778/sr=1-1/qid=1168928627/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/104-7014833-2896739?ie=UTF8&s=books)

>> Monique Motil, Diva : Founder of ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com)

>> Shannon Lark, Horror Auteur : Owner and Operator of The Chainsaw Mafia (http://www.thechainsawmafia.com)

>> Jonathan Johnson, Haunt Host : Owner and Operator of Rotting Flesh Radio (http://www.rottingfleshradio.com)

>> Mike "Beaker" Parpovich, Haunt Entrepreneur : Co-owner and Operator of Terror on the Fox Haunted House (http://www.terroronthefox.com) and Bad Boys Scenic Design

Entries will be judged on the quality of the zombification, and adherence to classic pinup style. Prizes will be announced shortly (we're still gathering sponsors).

All entries that meet ZPU's submission policies will be added to the permanent gallery at ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com/gallery)

To enter, visit http://www.zombiepinups.com/zombiepinupssubmit.html

FEBRUARY 3, 2007

EAT YOUR HEART OUT: A Zombie Tribute to Valentine's Day
Spot 6, 3343 N Clark, Chicago
9:00PM - 3:00AM, 21+, $5.00

Put on by Demons and Darlings, this event will feature Chicago's best dark DJs, dancing, horror movies, drink specials and, best of all, a LIVE ZOMBIE PINUP (http://www.zombiepinups.com) CONTEST. That's right, all you undead Chicago hotties - come out in your best Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com) outfit/make up and win fabulous prizes (to be named shortly).

For full event details, visit http://www.demonsanddarlings.com

JULY 22-24, 2007

Flashback Weekend (http://www.flashbackweekend.com) and ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com) are pleased to announce the First Annual Flashback Weekend (http://www.flashbackweekend.com) Zombie Pinup (http://www.zombiepinups.com) Beauty Pageant!

On Saturday, July 23, put on your sexiest classic pinup outfit and your most gruesome zombie make up, and compete to win the soon-to-be-coveted title of Miss Zombie Queen 2007! The Pageant will be judged by several of Flashback Weekend (http://www.flashbackweekend.com)'s Celebrity Guests (to be named) and awarded fabulous prizes (to be named) in several categories (to be named). Could we BE more vague? Stay tuned - details will be posted at http://www.flashbackweekend.com/schedule.html and http://www.zombiepinups.com as they are ironed out.

All contestants will be photographed for a special gallery at ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com/gallery); winners will, of course, get optimal placement.

To get an idea of what we're looking for, visit the gallery at ZombiePinups.com (http://www.zombiepinups.com/gallery), and start planning your character NOW!