View Full Version : I am back from 14 days with the Haunted Mansion, and no Cell or Computer

07-15-2009, 09:13 AM
So I missed you all.

After finally taking some time off, I took the wife and kids to the Haunted Mansion. Yes, we went to Disney for 14 days of rest.

No Cell Phones, Emails or Computers.

Now time to hang with all my friends again. I missed you all.

Well, anyways here is some scoop of what is planned for RFR getting going again.

Looking forward to chatting it all up again.


Hello there Deadites! We are back in action at Rotting Flesh Radio this week from our hiatus vacation to the morgue.

Right now be sure to VOTE for the next CFX Mask to be announced on Friday's show.

VOTE at http://www.rfrpodcast.com

Tune in Friday for Show #176 as we return to our weekly shows.

Coming up in future RFR Shows.

Butch Patrick, Derek Mears, RFR teaming up with the Festival of Fiends, RFR Haunt Tours, the NEW Mostly Ghostly host, and our contest for the FIRST ever RFR Co-Host!

Time to get back in action and SIT BACK, RELAX AND ROT AWAY...