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07-27-2009, 06:29 AM
I don't understand why if someone takes on the risk and expense of owning their own business they need to be taxed by the Federal Govt. 12.5% more than everyone who works for someone (called Self Employment Tax)?

Is the government trying to discourage independent entrepreneurs? Or are they trying to keep people down? Submissive to the power elite and dependant on the wealthy heirarchy.

I would think that in this time of depression the government would want to STIMULATE the creation of innovative small entrepreneures. Small businesses are what made this country great and the fact that ANYONE could pursure their dream is what separated us from certain other countries that do not ALLOW their citizens to have independant thiking.

Many small businesses could reinvest that 12.5% (in addition to the 12.5% in regular taxes for a total of 25% of their gross income paid in taxes) towards paying employees (or hiring new employees). Instead the Small Business owner is forever indebeted to the government which it helps support.

What is the government afraid of? Maybe with small companies starting up here (Self Employment Tax free) we wouldn't need to import so much from other countries and maybe we would be making more here, for ourselves. If the government can bail out large corproations (who do not even have a vote) then the the govt owes the same service to the Individual small business man or woman who does have a vote.

Jim Warfield
07-27-2009, 08:35 AM
"The Rich get richer and the Poor get children" (Ancient saying)
All the years I worked for my Dad in his business I was classified as "Self Employed"and after being miserably paid for long hours of talented ,seriously crafted work I had to somehow always find $1,000 to $1,200 for my self employed tax.
I was not "Self-Employed" by any measure of it and he owned the truck I worked out of so he took the depreciation and expenses all I "owned" were the clothes on my back, yet, I was self employed!?
Some other countrys are much tougher than this one to establish a business in. I was told in Peru you must pay a year's taxes in advance before you open the door for business because so many went "under" never paying any taxes.
A lawyer from Peru told me this maybe 10 years ago, maybe things have changed since them?
Most self-employed people in this USA have no health insurance either, what does this tell you?
Being self-employed is not easy or a lucritive for a great many of us, it is all that we have, the title makes us seem more successfull and it often stops right there.
By the way, my Dad never made or had any noticable amount of wealth or money from his working 80 hours a week either. He was not piling up a fortune using my back.