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The Doctor
07-28-2009, 09:03 AM
I am looking at buying an airbrush gun for make-up and prosthetic painting, been looking at the Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus Airbrush. Is it worth the money to go ahead and get a top of the line Airbrush or is there a less expensive alternative? Any help would be much appreciated.

Allen H
07-28-2009, 10:37 AM
I have several different airbrushes and the never break down work horse is my Pashe vj-5. with a Grex compressor. Iawatta has nice airbrushes and are easy to use and nice guns.
Stay away from badger and you should be OK.
Allen H

07-28-2009, 11:29 AM
Paasche H is just the ticket for a entry level artist. Its dependable and a practical Solution to your quest. It is single action ( External mix ) <--- which is nice when you think of using it for latex = less to clean up internally ~

It is ideal for a wide range of projects, its easy to master, simple to operate, and requires the least maitenance. It comes with 3 tips and 3 needles for different textures and detailing.

I know allot of people talk highly about Iawata but if you talk to artists that use airbrushes to paint masks, they will say that most of them use Paasche H

( I hope this gives you some insight and aids you in finding the airbrush you are searching for )


Allen H
07-28-2009, 12:02 PM
I second,
The H is a good brush, Im used to my VJ-5 as it was one of my first ones.......that was 14 years ago and Im hard on stuff.
Allen H

The Doctor
07-28-2009, 12:40 PM
Exactly the kind of information I was looking for I am going to get the Paasche H for sure. I am also looking at getting a double action airbrush as well did you mean the VL-5 I can not find a VJ-5 but it may be discontinued.

Thanks again for all the help I am just getting into air brushing having done all my other make up with brushes, sponges, q-tips, fingers and what ever else I thought would do the trick but have wanted to add an airbrush to the mix. Will the H do a good job on makeup for the face of an actor? Is is recommended to get a double action as well and what are the pro's and con's of double vs single I know the technical difference but wonder what you guys think?



07-29-2009, 03:14 PM
Dual action gives you more controll

If you are just blasting things the on - off action of the single action H is fine but if you want to do detail work (even if not now but eventually) then the VL would suit you.

look at harbor freight
You will be using this once a year in your haunt right? then you might be just as well off getting the generic at Harbor Freight

If you thik you might get into Airbrus Tats or something throughout the year then a better quality gun may be necessary.

And Use AGPC through your gun
sweatproof but washes off with soap.
50 colors. good stuff ask anybody. Cheap too.
Hell, if Universal buys it it MUST be cheap!
(ok there's my shameless plug)

07-29-2009, 03:27 PM
Opinions are like axxholes ( Everyone Has one ) with this said here's mine.... ( opinion that is )

Obviously Single action is easier to master for a beginner than the double action. A single action has a whel at the top to adjust the air pressure and needle tips to change the paint. Les air - less paint. The single action is easy to master and is used by allot of artists for latex paints. due to the external mix. The dual action requires more control since the trigger is adjusted 4 ways.

I myself own 4 Paasche brushes and one Badger 3 siingle action and 2 double action brushes. I am partial to the H single actions for simplicity. I use these for the average job. I use the dual action for more detail less grainy jobs.

I also have Carpal Tunnel and Athoritis so my airbrushing days are coming to a close so the H single action allows me to airbrush more comfortably. What's hard about the double action is that you have to push down and then pull back. ( take yer pointer finger of yer dominate hand and act as if you are holding a pencil pushind down on a button with yer pointer.... now pull back with yer finger. Now remember if you move a little you just made a mess of your work ....LMFAO.... its a pain in the ass. BUT MASTER THIS AND YOU'LL HAVE BEAUTIFUL WORK!

Its just my opinion ( get both ) try them out they both have different uses... But I think you will be very happy with a Paasche H

( Good Luck )

07-29-2009, 03:43 PM
Plese do me the favor.... don't purchase a crappy airbrush at Habor Freight.... ( Damn me for saying so , and NO OFFENSE ) BUT...like most things in life, "You get what you pay for" My airbrushes have been used for years... I can buy parts anywhere AND they have been dependable. I've heard about people going to Harbor Frieght, I do too.... BUT are you willing to take the gamble during the seaso AND are you willing to buy one next season or every year or so after that ? Save your money and the hair that's on yer head... make the purchase of a name brand ( atleast )

Allen H
07-29-2009, 05:08 PM
Malicious ,
Have you seen the GREX genesis airbrush? it has an honest trigger and is single action but very nice. My haunt bought three of them and they are nice, the trigger is really easy to get detail, nice brush. I think it would be great for carpal tunnel. I used mine when I almost table sawed off my finger (I got better) and it didnt overwork me.
The down side to them is that they are a bitch to clean. Which is the only reason I did not originally recommend them.
Allen H

07-29-2009, 11:26 PM
Yeah I have heard about them actually seen a booth at the last show but didnt take the time to stop and really check them out. Dependabillity is a MAJOR issue then you have the next question I have ( Where can you purchase parts ? ) We hope we dont have to buy replacement parts but we all know that it is inevitable.

The plus to Paasche brushes is that ( Atleast in my neck of the woods ) I can buy parts anywhere. I can get nice detail with my Paasche - H Single Action brush "Allot of people take it for granted that they are for large projects" But with some practice they do just fine.... What I disslike about the H is that it is a bit more grainy than most double actions. But if you thin the mix turn the air down it will keep up with most double action brushes. I wouldnt think twice about a Paasch H if I were thinking of makeup....

If you were using this particular brush for .... say ( Graphics on a car or bike ) it really matters but only to a point
See heres the thing, most people who airbrush use what is called Friscket Film ( Spelling - Im terrible ) which is a masking film... you simply use yer exacto knife cut out the piece you are working on paint/fade then place the piece you sprayed back on the painted area after it dries.... so as far as detail goes.... there isnt much this airbrush cant do it just depends on how you use it.

Another method I have used recently ( Im sure someone else has already done it but have never heard of anyone doing it ) ....is using liquid latex as a masking material. Paint it on with ( Soapy regular brush to keep it from sticking ) dry paint then peel it off... I guess in the end it all depends on what you are painting, what material you are using to paint And how much detail you want to put into it.

Like I said the #1 problem with internal mix for me IS

I use it mostly for latex which dries internally ( Which makes it a bitch to clean )

I like Single - H for the simple reason that it is External mix and therefore IF it were to get clogged the clog would gather at the tip rather than internally... I simply clean the tip and Im back to work in no time flat...

Next time I see the booth for the other airbrush I will have to stop and try it out... ( I wonder if they would let me grab some latex and mix it with some paint or grab some enamel to see how it would REALLY work ? )

The Doctor
07-30-2009, 12:27 PM
Placing the order for the Paasche H set today and if I get some OT may pick up a VL set as well in the next couple weeks. I want to thank everyone for their help so far it has been valuable in helping me make my decision.

Next question is compressor, I have a craftsman with a tank that I have always drained of air after each use, I am looking to get an external air regulator and moisture trap, are there any other pieces or parts yall recommend that I get to use this compressor or do you recommend getting a compressor made for airbrushing? Thanks again guys for your help and the valuable information.


07-30-2009, 03:53 PM
its your choice again on the compressor... so like the large compressor and they just turn the pressure down. I myself enjoy the small airbrush compressors....thy are small, portable and can be placed anywhere.... most of all they are ( quiet ) which is very important to me... I would like to suggest a moisture trap regaurdless of which compressoe you choose.

Allen H
07-30-2009, 08:10 PM
When I worked at skull kingdom we had a huge compressor with a long hose going to the make up room, so there was no noise. But I also prefer the small compressors, they are light and quiet just like malicious said also valuable to me. get the kind that shut off when they have pressure, my old one does not and is really annoying.
Allen H

The Doctor
08-13-2009, 04:00 PM
Got a badger Million air compressor for a great deal, man that thing is quiet. I am still waiting on Paasche H but called Dixie art and they said there was a mix-up and they are sending it out today so should have it by Monday. So got brush, got compressor now we are on to makeup. Any suggestions on brands? Is is ok to use Mehron Cream make-up and thin it for spraying?

Thanks again guys for all the input and help.