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08-01-2009, 07:44 AM
At last the HHA Bylaws are complete!

A few notable parts -

1) There are Term Limits
2) You vote by attraction (Like a state)
3) The Board requires 5 years of Pro Haunted House Ownership experience ( With some rules about Operators as well)
4) The election cycle brings a seated board with officers in place to Transworld, not a lame duck one.

We are getting together a directory that will include the Bylaws for our members and once we have the approved version in a proper PDF format we will post it somewhere on the HHA site.

The goal is simple guys. It is not just to build an association. It is to Protect and Promote this industry.

The Association is a means not an end. That end is the overall heath of Haunted Houses everywhere.

Hopefully the 5 Year requirement will create a stable board that keeps to the task over time, and a board that will have the experience to handle appropriately the challenges ahead, from the specific angle of Haunted House Owners.

I cannot say enough about the quality and work ethic of this board, they have done amazing things in a very short time, and meetings are a joy not a torment to attend (At least for me!)

For now we want to keep it simple clear and clean - Protect and Promote.
I hope that for a first year association, you will all be impressed.
Plain and simple this is about doing good stuff for Haunted Houses.


RJ Productions
08-01-2009, 11:49 AM
Thanks for the update Ben! I for one am quite happy with the direction the association is headed. It should be noted that almost everyone involved was in some part involved with the prior association and tried to have them address the same issues. Unfortunately in it's infancy a different direction was adopted.

I am glad we are learning from the mistakes and moving in the right direction.

Congrats to the new Board, keep up the good work!!