View Full Version : Spookywoods - Online Tickets Go Live

08-01-2009, 10:04 PM
Hi Haunters,

Our online tickets went live today and for the second year in a row we have sold tickets on August 1st. I'm promoting special coupon codes to our social media groups, but hey it's money in the bank in August! First time my bank account has seen income instead of out go since last fall.

The results are our fan club using constant contact are the most buyers today with Facebook in second and last place going to MySpace.

I'm using 'My Own Online Service" I purchased from Clearcut Operations, so all the service fees and the per order fees are in my bank account tonight! I have to say it again, the ClearCut solution ROCKS! The more I use this system the more I love it.

Anyone else selling tickets yet, beside the year round haunts like Jim.

Jim Warfield
08-01-2009, 10:32 PM
Maybe 4 days ago we sold some October reservation tickets. We had calls from old customers telling us they will be sending checks soon, as soon as they get something like a close head-count.
I love seeing customers walk up to the ticket window, cheerfully hand me their money and get all full of anticipation waiting another minute or two before the door opens!
"Then let the dissappointment BEGIN!"
I value talking with the customers alittle before they enter the house to see who are the newbies, who have been here before and when was the last time they were here?
Some nights everybody will be newbies who had no help finding the place, the next time 75% of them have been here before and were eager to return, bringing new victims.
"How did you find out about this place?"
"My friend told me."
"Are you sure they are your friend? My business slogan says:"Bring your friends, send your ENEMIES!"
Now I have them thinking..and wondering....
I love customers that think! It's then so much more fullfilling when you entertain and impress them!