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08-02-2009, 10:38 PM
Here is a marketing idea that crossed my feverish mind recently. I知 not sure I知 going to try it or not, but I thought I壇 share it.
It might be a good idea to offer a ticket discount to family groups this year that have had either the mother or father laid off from their jobs. It would be a great way to show community support, and it may help attract some wanted media attention.
My concern would be how to go about verifying that one of the family bread winners was indeed laid off in 2009. Any ideas about how to do that? I guess you could take them at their word if it is a discount that you may offer families of 4 or 5 under normal circumstances anyway.
Just a thought that I知 still thinking about.

Jim Warfield
08-03-2009, 12:23 AM
People will lie about anything for a dollar. It is pretty sad but true. I have had them say it was their Birthday because they thought that would save them money, it doesn't.
The down & out looking guy with the grubby snot-nosed kids who need a bath will beg for a discount because he doesn't have enough money, AND he promised to bring his kids here!
The couple of times I felt sorry for them and gave them a break, the Dad then hands me a $100 bill!???
Just slap me hard in my dumb-sucker face and scream "Stupid!" at me.
I have been unpaid and hard-up many times but we just stayed home and ate cornbread, like it or not. I got so sick of cornbread.
Then there are those driving the brand new $80,000 car who want a discount!!!!!? (While I was driving an $800.oo car!)
I'm not selling water in the desert, I'm not selling food to the starving and besides everything else it takes alot of time to have to barter over each ticket while you are supposed to be getting paying customers in the door.
Don't get me wrong, I have indulged countless goofy types of people here, spending time listening to their life stories and trying to talk helpfully to them but a busy night in October I really can't afford to do this.
Can any of you?