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Jim Warfield
08-03-2009, 12:45 AM
2 girls 1 guy all had been here before, my voice wasn't really "back" yet and they didn't seem to interested in anything that I had to say, it was their tour, just 3 people so I allowed them to get away with things that would not have been possible if there were 10 others in the group who they didn't know....a quick show with almost no strain on my voice felt good to me.
Two of them had some very small led flashing mouthpiece lights that were extremely bright when pointed directly at one's eyes. They used these as flashlights once we got going through the house giving them false confidence that they could see what was going to happen next, then I scare them illreguardless, the boy ended up flat on his butt-scared!
Since all of them had been here before I went to plan "B" in some parts of the tour doing things I normally only might get to do in October when I have help here, which worked very well.
Ellicted some very loud screams in the front room from both of the girls in the space of one second when they put out their little light, might say I caught them off-guard! hahahaha!
This afternoon 3 first-timers were here, as incredible as this looks as I type it here on this bright, sunny day I managed to scare each of these three people at the ticket window, one at a time as they handed me money or I handed them their tickets! It just worked out that way.
I was thinking later how good such a practise could be to circumvent those after tour bitchers who say they weren't scared, kind of hard to say this if you scare them before they even enter the place and it all happens infront of their group!

damon carson
08-04-2009, 09:58 AM
Jim thats classic! How did you loose your voice? You still practicing for the annual Yodelers contest they have every year in Mutt Carrol? Or have you been yelling at the drunks knocking on your door after Charlies bar closes?