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08-05-2009, 08:28 AM
Hi Haunters,

As you may have read I'm a big supporter of the ClearCut Opertions Ticketing Solution. You can purchase the software that enables you to sell your own online tickets and retain all the service fees. The best practice to host this application would be to have a server hosted in a datacenter with multiple internet access, power backups, fire protection, server fail over etc. See this link for more specs. http://triadtelecom.com/datacenter/collocation.php

I have worked a deal at a Tier One data center in Greensboro, NC where I'm hosting our online ticket application.

Here is the deal for all you thinking about owning your own ticketing solution.

The price will be $199/mo

Activation fee is $200 and there is not a contract (month to month). The client will simply pay the activation fee when they want the server activated.

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Dual CPU
80gb HD

Includes Daily backup of entire machine and OS, storage of last 14 backups, firewalled internet access (burstable to 10Mbps), and static IP address for SSL certificate.