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08-06-2009, 09:27 AM
Well, this week I traveled down to Wilmington to start working on the haunt for the battleship. (For those that don't know, I'm helping design a haunt on this)


We are developing a backstory that is pure fiction and therefore will hopefully not offend family members of those who served aboard the ship. The story is that during a horrific storm in 2009, the USS North Carolina disappeared from it's moorings. No one knows where or when it vanished, but 24 hours later it reappeared. Ever since then, very strange and terrifying things have been happening and visitors to the boat have been vanishing.

Since the cast of Ghost Hunters has been asked back this fall to re-visit the ship and conduct another investigation, we are inviting the public to come 'investigate' during the haunt season and see if they're brave enough to survive "The Ghost Ship."

The tagline they came up with is "Ghosts don't care how loud you scream."

We're going to have most of the actors dressed in navy khakis and dungarees and will be 'assaulting' visitors with a variety of shipboard items and large amounts of stobes, klaxons, mechanical terrors, and other things that I won't mention so as to not give anything away.

If anyone has ideas that could enhance the experience, please feel free to comment. With just the battle lights alone, the ship gets really creepy, really fast. One of the staff members claims to have seen a blue and purple mist near one of the officer's quarters just 2 weeks ago and the route will go along that corridor.

And yes, there will be a disclaimer at the beginning stating that the battleship was NOT built for comfort, it was built for war and therefore not accessible for everyone. The regular tours are not wheelchair-accessible and there are sharp edges, rivits, and steel everywhere. they will be doing their best to cover up anything that has the potential to injure but I know they won't be able to get it all.

More challenges await when I go back in a couple weeks...

08-06-2009, 09:41 AM
Here are a few pics of some of the areas that will be transformed...

Visitors enter the ship through this hatch:


Entering the first room of the haunt:


Starboard berthing area:


Officer's staterooms:


08-06-2009, 04:26 PM
It definitely looks creepy already in some of your photos. I think lighting and sound should play a big part in the scares and atmosphere.

In the second photo from the bottom it looks like they have already tried to make the ship more accessible by cutting out the area below that hatch so you don't have to step over it.