View Full Version : A question about sponsors?

Digger Graves
08-12-2009, 03:17 PM
I have a question or a couple about sponsors. What is the best way to obtain a good sponsor, and what other than advertising can I acquirer? (What more can I ask for right)? As a new comer what can I offer a company to get there sponsorship or do I have to offer anything. I would like to get the most out of a sponsor as possible I just need some direction on how to do that. Any examples or any info you can give would help. thanks

08-12-2009, 04:42 PM
Just from my experience as a young haunt... (and a young business owner). I feel like searching for sponsorships is a waste of time. Last year, I put together an extensive sponsorship package encouraging business to split 60 second radio ads with us and combine money to get a better rate... I couldn't get as much as a banner ad. Business owners twice my age looked at me and laughed in my face. I wasted 3-4 weeks of valuable time that could've been spent on the haunt.

My suggestion... if you want to pursue sponsors, come up with a very affordable package... if they don't sell, then give that business tickets to come to your haunt. That way, they might come themselves or even give them to their kids. If they have a good time, you might have a good shot for years to come.

Just my $0.02 don't worry about sponsors, make your haunt over the top and the sponsors will follow. This year, we have several excellent sponsors (none are providing cash, its all networking and in-kind trades)

Good luck!