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08-14-2009, 08:48 AM
Hello All,

What was the best scare you had? The one you still think about and it makes you chuckle?

My “Best” was about 10 years ago or so working at the “The Asylum Experience” in Berwyn IL (Great Haunt).

The patrons would walk into Frankenstein’s lab onto the vibrating walkway and wait to watch this scene. At the end of the walk way was a gate. Then at the end of the scene I would open the gate and bring the patrons to the next room. Not a big scare part but needed to be done to control the flow.

Well…. One time a group was walking onto the walkway and stopped at the gate to watch the scene. I decided to hide behind the corner so no one could see me. As the scene started the patrons were mesmerized and had no clue I was sneaking up to them. I opened the gate and was right in their face. The end hit where the floor would vibrate and some props would go off and the people thought that was it. They turned and I was standing right in their face.. the first girl jump so high…out of one of her shoes (that’s the truth) and almost knocked down half the group.

This story still makes me chuckle every time I think about that girls face.:p

Hope it helped your day!

Peter T

08-14-2009, 02:29 PM
Perfect example of little things counting for a lot. Sometimes you can scare someone without even trying.

Kelly Anderson
08-14-2009, 05:52 PM
About 4 years ago I built a room to look like a crypt. When the group enters the room they walk into a seemingly empty room about 8ft x 10ft, all black walls, with just a strobe light pointed at them from the oposit end. Most groups were usually wondering what was going on cause they just entered an empty room, not even a prop or character in it. From hereing some of them talk, they were alittle dissapointed that nothing was done with the room.

Just then as they get locked in the room, the strobe light goes out. And now in the total darkness, all the walls around the room begin to lower to the ground. You can here a screaching from the pulleys in the cieling turning and thats it. As the walls drop as many and 7 characters lean out of there tombs, which were previously hidden. The group at this point still is clueless to what is going on around them. Just then as the walls reach the floor, some stage lighting comes on lighting up the set and I $^&* you not, all HELL would break loose.

When this group of I believe 3 teenage girls entered the room, one right after the other, hanging on to eachother, they walked in and turned to the right and just stared at one of the walls not knowing what to do. Eventually the lights go out. Us characters could here them talking to themselves wondering what was going on and how nervous they were.

After about 15-20 seconds (the time it took to lower the walls) the lights came on and with a character inches from the leading girls face, she screamed like hell and darted to her left for safety only to find another group of charaters reaching out at her. She and the girls clinging to her continued the rotation to the left searching for relief, but........another wall gone and characters there for the attack. After the girls making a complete counterclockwise rotation in I swear less than a second they all fell to the floor in total panic.

It was intense as hell being there part of it. And it was so funny going back and watching my recording on my TV!! That room was like that nearly all night long, everynight we were open. FUN....FUN....FUN....room to do.

Time after time people would leave they room talking about how great a scare it was. Lot of great comments!

Kelly Anderson

08-14-2009, 07:04 PM
Hey Kelly,

That room sounds great!

I would love to see video of it in action.

Would you care to share your favorite scare?!!


Kelly Anderson
08-14-2009, 09:19 PM

I'de love to show the video clip if I can find it. Plus its on VHS tape. Not sure how to upload that. Ill try and figure something out to show.

I was thinking of another time in the same room that was very memorable. As the walls were coming down in the total darkness, the patrons can't see us, we cant see them either. All we can go off of to know where they are is to listen to them talk or even as they are breathing. I knew the room was pretty much full of people cause they were making alot of noise talking. The wall was coming down and I was leaning out very slowly so I wouldnt hit anyone.

I heard people saying "Whats that noise", talking about the pullys screaching. Then I felt the tip of my nose touched some guy right on the cheak. This guy whom was so quiet I didnt even know he was there, all the sudden started yelling "What the &$^$ was that!!" over and over. Just then the lights come back on and this guy about pissed himself. I about died laughing myself!!

Great thread. Cant wait to here more of your guys best scares. LOL

Kelly Anderson

Jim Warfield
08-16-2009, 10:01 AM
I told the guy , we were having a hide & seek here, this guy had been through the house numerous times for the regular tour, now he and his friends were going about hiding themselves here.
He took off running through the maze, turned maybe 5 corners, then he came to a complete , quick Stop.
His one leg was stretched out behind him..how could I know this?
Because wearing knee-lentgh moccassins I was right behind him step-for-step and I was now straddling that back leg! (but making no physical contact with it)
He slowly turned just his head to look behind him.. and we were face-to-face!
I had just accomplished what must have seemed like a physical impossibility to him!
Luck also had something to do with it!

Allen H
08-16-2009, 06:40 PM
How about I share my worst scare, I have far to many great ones to pick a favorite.
I was 15 and working at a haunted house at a teen club in MD. I normally played the wolf man and ran around the whole place getting great scares. One night my friend and I switched and I played "ricko mc sicko" a ronald mc donald rip off in a terrible fast food scene. The scare was at the top of a carpeted set of steps, I was wearing clown shoes with that costume and I would normally yell at the coming group from the top of the steps then dash back to my spot (as best as one can dash in clown shoes). But when I yelled the group screamed so I pretended to lunge at them, Well...the length of the slippery plastic clown show was longer than the distance between the top corners of the steps so I skied down thirty feet of steps (amazing the speed you can build that way) screaming at the top of my lungs because I thought I was going to die, they froze and were also screaming. Time seemed to pass in slow motion as I raced towards them. I hit the first person and he hit the second, and so on and so forth till we were in a pile at the bottom of the steps. They were screaming like crazy and I was lucky to land up on top of the pile. I extricated myself and then maneuvered backwards up the stairs (almost impossible to ascend a set of stairs forwards in clown shoes) to my room unhurt. It seemed like the group took forever to get up stairs and I was pretty sure I killed one or two of them. Eventually they made it by me but they ran all the way out of the haunt, there was some damaged drywall but amazingly none of them complained about injuries.
I was very glad to don my wolfman garb again the next night, and since then i have always cut the bottoms out of any clown shoes I or my actors wear.
Allen H

08-16-2009, 07:28 PM
The clown shoes always seem to be an issue. great idea to cut the under part off. I loved every ones stories. I would love to see any ones videos of their scares. Def the room with the lowering walls and see their faces... sounds fantastic!!

Jim I have heard you can move like a gazelle so I am not surprised.. Loved the story.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did.

Keep up with the stories.

Peter T

Kelly Anderson
08-16-2009, 08:56 PM
Hope this works. Videos crappy.

This isnt the exact scare I had wrote about, I havent found it yet. But this will give a bit of an idea what the room was like. 3 of the 4 walls were able to drop to the floor leaving a 4ft knee wall. The guests walk into an empty room. The strobe light goes out. And then the walls drop without them knowing. Eventually the lights come back on and this is what you get. I LUV IT!!

I believe there were two characters to the right of the screne and three characters to the left along with the one you can see.

It was recorded in 2004. Its a night vision camera recording on a VHS tape. I had to play the tape on my tv and record it with my digital camera. I know. Hi tech.

In 2007 I rebuilt this room again, only I was able to add the fourth wall all the way to the back to be able to drop. The problem I had to contend with was the area the winch was ankored to raise and lower the walls.


Kelly Anderson

08-17-2009, 07:22 AM
HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Nice Scare!!!

Love it!!!

Peter T

Jim Warfield
08-17-2009, 07:30 AM
There were 8 people from downtown Chicago (all physically larger than average people), the male to female ratio was about the same, standing in my kitchen, lights on, very well lit up...my home made mouse climbed up the wall.
They all screamed and ran the opposite direction toward the door they had walked into the room from ....I should have been dressed in a black and white striped shirt and had a chrome whistle between my lips because they were piled up, body parts all tangled together infront of the door they were headed for as such speed.
There must have been a fumble because nobody had the football!

Later as they walked into my little maze ,which was built to resemble voting booths, vote for "Tweedle-Dee" or "Tweedle-Dummer"? Identicle canidates likenesses, each a maniac holding a butcher knife to someone's throat.. I had a friend wearing a child's vampire cape (pretty funny on a person of 300 pounds) with a silly elongated pumpkin mask. One look and these same big people were crawling away as fast as they could from such a terror!

I had a mailing address for this group so I sent them a postcard asking for comments or suggestions?
Their response was "It was fun, scary, ..but it could have been scarier!"
I guess they were looking for shitty pants and heart attacks!
(They had left the house prematurely too.)

Kelly Anderson
08-17-2009, 09:41 AM
That is too funny. I luv your responce to that groups comments.
I agree with ya, small and scarey, and sometimes the simplest things can get the greatest scares. This thread is really starting to get me pumped for Oct!!

Kelly Anderson

08-17-2009, 09:54 AM
Once I get my promo vid done I will put it on here . And a link to my site... its almost done. so close yet so far...

Keep the stories coming. Luv um.

Peter T

08-17-2009, 10:01 AM
Love it ahahahhahha

Jim Warfield
08-17-2009, 07:09 PM
You know, the bus driver has the day off so he spends it riding the bus!
I was visiting New Orleans I happened to be dressed in my old all-black Spookhouse costume of knee length moccassins, cape and a cowl wrapped tight around my head allowing just my minimal face to protrude.
I walked into a actual hole in the wall late night bar around the corner from Bourbon St. I walked down a narrow twisting path/alley which eventually opened up abit to a bar and a raised platform with a table and a few chairs on it.
I stood up on this platform and began posing like I was a statue or manniquin, other customers would be walking passed me, they would look at me for a few seconds, then I would come to life and they would flinch, jump, jerk, scream!
After awhile I went exploring this place further, everything was very narrow and small rooms. One upstairs room had some college age guys drinking in it. When I walked in they all smiled and began shaking my hand, congratulating me on having such a wild place!
I put on a cape and scared afew people and now I own the place! Imagine that?
Quite funny ..and ironic, since I was there to get away from my business for awhile.

08-22-2009, 07:07 PM
Kelly, that made me laugh SO HARD!

Dr. Giggles
08-24-2009, 05:31 PM
On a very slow night we got a VERY sudden influx of people.

A group of atleast 20 was piled through because they were the last group of the night.

They make it down a stretch of hallway, me being the rover I hadn't yet had the pleasure of making their aquaintence.
So as they are rambunctiously powering through the hallway. I squeek my horn and clear my throat. Ahem.

Almost as one they all turn and look at me. The ones closest to the back look terrified at this point.
I grin like a fool.
Give out a hoarse growl.
Then drop to all fours and bark and growl like a dog (Not sure why i did it, I guess my character just thought it was teht hing to do. I loose myself into my insane character sometimes) I start haulin' ass on all fours towards them and I have never seen 20 people fall over in unison in fear.

It was fantastic.

So once they are all on the floor cowering.

I assume my full height (About 6'5 with my shoes on) And i clear my throat again.

Dust myself off.
They are all just paralyzed at this point and i am not really sure why. So I just get down inches from the poor girl closest to my feet and whisper in a hoarse voice with the meanest grin i could muster...

"Boo" apparently it was louder then i thought it would be and they all got up and once and ran to the next room..
I will never forget it.

08-25-2009, 08:05 AM
Is it wrong that I feel my best scares are when people hurt themselves due to being so scared?

i.e. face planting, running into poles, running into food trailer

Kelly Anderson
08-25-2009, 10:34 PM
The second time that I did the wall dropping/crypt room that I posted the vids on, the first group of the season was a guy and I girl. They entered the room, walked all the way to the opposite side and stared at the wall wondering where to go. The lights go out and the walls come down. The lights come back on and that girl was taken by such a supprise by the characters in her face that she litterally flew backwards coming off her feet. She went head first into the floor and the bottom part of one of my walls that was screwed into the concrete so hard that the boards of the wall split out, messing up one of my limit switches used to control my lighting.

I come right out to help her and make sure she was ok. She got up and continued through the house. I thought sure as hell she would have needed SOME TYPE of first aid.

We all just joke about it now cause we scared the first group so bad she wrecked my room. Had me shut down fixing the wall and switch for 15-20 minutes!

It should be ok to laugh about it, right?

Kelly Anderson

Jim Warfield
08-26-2009, 12:38 AM
The drunk woman passed out, fell whopped her head against..something (no blood she is very short she didn't have far to fall) her drunken friends helped her up (picking her up) she was still unconscious, they released their hold on her, she fell again because of them, hitting hard a second time.
Another true drunk story. Tell me again why we ever allow drunks in the door?
What percentage of our customers are drunk?
How drunk are they?
I have no fun being a bartender , bouncer, Policeman or janitor and I don't enjoy fixing things broken by drunks when 10,000 sober customers never broke the item, know what I mean?
My least favorite drunken mentality is the drunks who sees "challenges" where none were given.
"Oh, yah!? I can do that!" (But nobody asked you to!)
Then they proceed to climb up my downspouts on the corner of my house or run full speed across the parking lot to tackle a 4 by 4 sign post that is very securely buried in the ground.
He should have broke his collar bone but just bounced off of it...then came too..and entertained us by crawling up the post like a snake..up over the top of the Lions Club sign, 10 feet high in the air, then snaked his way down the other side , head-first!?
Tonight a couple came through the house with stories of the relatives, Mom and Aunts who were here a year ago and screamed, laughed , had a great time!
this couple was very interesting with their own ghost/supernatural incidents to tell about. the woman once worked in a few haunted houses and is considered "Weird" "Scary" because nothing scares her!
At the tour's conclusion she said this was the first time that she had ever been scared in a haunted house!
Of course her cursing and screaming 25 different times here might count as getting scared quite a few times too!
Everytime she was exclaim "God!" I would soon/later say quietly in a deep voice, "Yes?" Which always amused and distracted her.
I love it when people look at me in a costume or some-such and say , "God!' Then I say:"You have Strange" gods!"
"God help me!" Has been heard to be closely followed by:"I'm sorry to inform you that God is on his break right now (having a beer at Charlie's next door) and he will not be able to help you !"
"Yes! God is now accepting financial donations too!"