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01-23-2007, 07:59 PM
Just FYI... the featured ads we sell on Hauntworld are NOW being renewed. Anyone who doesn't renew your spot will be sold to someone else. We're trying to get these all renewed prior to Transworld. If you haven't already contact me directly: darkrides@sbcglobal.net

We can send you the information about renewing your spot.

If you haven't ever bought one get one now because they're going fast!

Everyone so far has renewed. We're going to get VERY aggressive this year contacting everyone in the books. Once we get past the renew period ANYONE can buy any slots open!

email me today!!!

More info on this coming soon!

01-23-2007, 07:59 PM
HauntWorld.com will re-launch in March 2007


Bigger, Faster and Sending More Traffic to your haunted event or business than ever before.

Hauntworld Fast Facts:

Hauntworld.com attracted over 5 million unique visitors in 2006 more than double 2005.

Hauntworld.com peaked as one of the top 20,000 website on the entire web in October 2006.

Hauntworld.com network of websites attracted over 8 million unique visitors with sites that include: HauntedHouseOnline.com, Findhauntedhouses.com, HauntedAttractions.com, HalloweenAttractions.com, HauntedHouses.us, HauntedHouseMagazine.com, HalloweenHauntedHouse.com, HauntFinder.com and many more.

Hauntworld has the net’s best partners including Halloween.com and HauntedHouses.com pushing traffic to Hauntworld.com haunt directory.

HauntWorld was named the best place to find haunts in 2006 by Yahoo.com, About.com and USAToday.com

Hauntworld.com has over 2,000 haunted listings making it the biggest directory on the web.

Hauntworld.com features nearly 2,500 registered users for our WORLD famous message boards, which include the biggest haunt owners, operators, enthusiasts and more. Learn from others in your industry and join our forums today!

HauntWorld.com New for 2007

HauntedHouses.com haunt finder is now pulled from OUR website. When you get a hit to your website from HauntedHouses.com it’s really coming from Hauntworld.com

Now for a nominal fee you can separate your listings from the dozens of other free listings. For only $49.95, your listing will be featured on a FIRST page of haunts by state. All other haunts that do not pay, will be listed on PAGE TWO by state. Triple your exposure and separate yourself from the competition!

No longer will Hauntworld.com re-direct to our other haunt directories. Starting in March all haunted house listings will appear ON HAUNTWORLD.COM. All trackback banners should be pointed to Hauntworld.com not FindHauntedHouses.com or any other Hauntworld affiliate website. No longer will our guests have to link off Hauntworld to find the information they seek.

Log into your Account today and update your listings…NO OTHER directory on the web gives YOU, THE OWNER, the power to update and change your listing in real time. Now you can also upload photos, coupons, approve testimonials from your guests, list links to purchase tickets and much more. Our haunted directory is bar none the most powerful tool in the industry. You are the ONLY one in control of your listings content, so log on today and update your listing!


EMAIL LARRY KIRCHNER TODAY AT darkrides@sbcglobal.net to reserve your spot today!


HauntWorld, Inc. 1525 South 8th Street, St. Louis, Mo. 63104, 314.504.3970 314.241.3456 darkrides@sbcglobal.net www.Hauntworld.com www.HauntedHouseOnline.com

HauntWorld News

Hauntworld.com received more PR in 2006 than ever before! We plan on doubling our efforts in 2007 to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to send your business, attraction and events as many qualified customers as possible.

Hauntworld has added a blog on the front page of the website, which is updated nearly everyday with the hottest news in the industry. Keep yourself informed and log onto Hauntworld.com today to read what is happening in your industry.

Hauntworld.com experienced server issues in 2006, which kept us from shattering every possible traffic record known to haunting kind. WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANY SERVER ISSUES TO PREVENT US FROM A RECORD BREAKING 2007! In 2006, Yahoo.com named Hauntworld the best place to find haunts on the web, and suddenly over 100,000 visitors tried to log onto our site all within one hour which crashed the site and nearly crippled us for the rest of the season. Hauntworld.com was offline for nearly three days, and had issues the rest of the way and especially on Halloween when nearly 200,000 more people tried to log in that single day. Hauntworld.com could have sent your attraction’s website so many more visitors that you wouldn’t rely on any other website. We never anticipated this kind of traffic, this was more than triple the requests from the past three years COMBINED! AGAIN, WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANY SERVER ISSUES TO PREVENT US FROM A RECORD BREAKING 2007!

We apologize for any/all 2006 inconveniences. For 2007, we had no choice but to move Hauntworld.com to a MEGA server that can handle this type of traffic. As you may understand costs to operate a site like Hauntworld.com has now gone through the roof. One of the main reasons we’ve had to add this new $49.95 feature of separating paid listings from free listings is to pay additional server costs.

Happy Hauntings,
Hauntworld Staff