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Jim Warfield
08-27-2009, 10:36 PM
Tonight I was in very good "voice", calmly taking my time as I spoke to four customers telling them the haunted history of this house (Non-fiction) and I wondered how many of you actors ever get to act ?
I believe that speaking conveys more intrest in what may be coming next to the customer than mere grunts, growls or jubberish. (unless accidentally these sounds hook into some subtextual sexual undercurrent?)
Speaking at your own affected rhythm may also subtly inform the guest that you are controlling what is happening around them as far as pace and flow, whether eratic, stuccatto or smooth and playing with these anticipational mental factors can lead to apprehension on their part. right when you have them lead by their intrest is when you can push them off a cliff, mentally dropping them off into humor or fear or even both! Add some unusual words in there or some strange concepts and their attention and potential fear will be close at hand.
Horrific lines delivered at a quiet voice and demeanor can pack more punch as it might come across as more real because you are not shouting with histrionics.
Really successfull mad men get away with their crimes. Whispering your evil intentions doesn't alarm the whole crowd and turning it more personal makes for "scary" for most of us.

Kelly Anderson
08-28-2009, 11:57 AM
I wish I could get to "act" more offten. Sometimes I find it hard though to actually get into an actual character and just go with it. But I suppose the more I get into those positions the better an actor I'll become.

Most of my rooms have been geared more towards an intense, in your face scare. Without sounding like Im getting a big head, I think Ive been able to accomplish that rather well. Although I think it can be hard to keep that intensity built throughout an entire haunt. Additionally, those types of scares may only effect certain people anyway.

I really think having rooms or scares that involve a really well trained actor to do as jim does is very important, to scare people in different ways, get inside their head. Having that interaction between patrons and characters can make for one heck of an experience.

When I see an actor that can stay in character and really interact with the patrons in a way that really effects them, I think that is so cool, whether its at our haunt or someone elses. Can really bring a haunt to another level vs the just saying "Boo" scare.

Id like to see your haunt jim if I ever get to your area!!

Kelly Anderson

Damien Warwick
09-15-2009, 03:30 PM
thats a great question. When it comes to me, I've always been more of an actor for my haunt than a scarer. I was an actor for 13 years before I ever got started with haunting (I'm 18 now). I find that, through good dialog and great eye contact (they hate that lol) I can scare a person more than any monster can. I was making teenage girls cry without ever being the least bit scary myself (nothing beats yellow UV contacts, 5 hr energy drink breath, and a scary background). Also, the actor can also make a monster 10 times scarier, either by distracting the persons mind or just making them believe something totally different is coming.

One great instance is I had a group stuck in my room cause there was a technical problem so I let them ask me questions. The very first question I get is "Are there clowns here?" I looked them square in the eye, chuckled, and reminded them "This is a hotel, why on earth would there be clowns here?" And I led them on there way. About 10-20 minutes later I hear a scream as that same young lady yells "THAT SON OF A ***** LIED TO US!" Apparentally they peed themselves.

Now I'm not saying the clowns couldn't do that on there own, but you can not doubt the actors assistance in that one. Best of luck in the upcoming season all.
Happy Haunting!

Jim Warfield
09-15-2009, 09:03 PM
"Acting" or is it actually lieing?
"No, we won't scare you excessively."
"I have never been psychoanalyised, what would make you ask such an devilish question that has only an ink blot for an answer?"
I have had some workers here make up some real incredible lies just to see (I'm sure.) if someone would believe them, and some did!
We all could be retired by now selling real estate or something....right?
Selling your family members doesn't count, especially if you are just selling parts of them.

Warren Vanderdark
09-30-2009, 03:48 AM
When I first began working in haunts, due to my physical size, I tended to play characters such as gorillas, hunchbacks or, what was to become my signature role, The Wolf Man. I'd growl, snarl, leap over ralings and mine was quaranteed to be the one scene where people would come to a screeching halt, fearful of trying to pass me.

"Warren Vanderdark" was a major stretch for me, in that, while I'm still a large, heavy-set guy (think a cross between Victor Buono and Vincent Price), it's the kind of role that utilizes a sense of charm with a mixture of sinister intent. I'll be official sounding while telling people rules they'll be needing to follow, but I'll also set them on edge by slipping in an eveil sounding chuckle at various points during my speech. ("whaaat?! What's he laughing at?!") A favorite thing I like to do is when there's a patron (usually a young woman) who has her eyes tightly closed and her head pressing into the shoulder blades of the boyfriend in front of her, I'll lean in close and whisper, "Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see YOU"