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08-31-2009, 08:18 AM
We went to the movies lastnight with the gang to see another HORROR movie, the movie of choice was



I honestly haven't laughed as hard this year during any other movie, but seeing it as "comedy" isn't an applicable genre

this HORROR movie fell short

The introduction of 3-D freshens this up somewhat, but the film suffers from the same problems as its predecessors - fate dictates the outcome,
(( and knowing who's going to die cuts out much of the tension. ))

The movie begins with an array of gory mayhem enhanced by 3-D...
but a plot as developed as a text message on my cell phone....

( Before you get angry )

Although it lacks ambition and (( is a COMEDY I SWARE...LMFAO ..... ))

as pure popcorn cinema goes this splatter-fest delivers exactly what it should: Tension, Mayhem and an Unhealthy Body Count.

FD4 fully embraces its gimmicky format, sending all those ~GREAT~ bodily fluids spilling towards your face.

I might have lost count but I counted ( 63 ) Deaths ~ for the body count....

This was a fun movie to watch ( I still dont know if it was supposed to be funny LMFAO ) but I would highly suggest it to those with dark humor....LMFAO

I give Final Destination 4 in 3D

5 out of 10 skulls .... it gets a solid 4 skulls but due to 3D it earns the 5th...lmfao

08-31-2009, 11:34 AM
I saw this movie last night.

Just think of how it would be if it wasn't in 3D..... pretty lame.

It was entertaining though, i'll give it that, but again thats probably due to the 3D.

Acting was pretty bad as well