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RJ Productions
08-31-2009, 12:30 PM
Got the new Hauntworld last week. Busy with the haunt and preseason actor's pool party. Just started reading it.

Good articles on the Alabama haunts! Hats off to these guys! Makes me want to do a road trip!

Social marketing is good timing, we were just commenting that we needed to address this...

But Larry I DO have a complaint..... I have to find reading glasses to see the text!!! It's really small!!!

Do you realize that if you bumped up the font to the size of other related publications, Hauntworld would probably be almost twice as big???? I guess sometimes size doesn't matter as long as there's content!!

Oh well, found some glasses....back to enjoying 13 Questions!!!


08-31-2009, 01:13 PM
Smaller print means less pages, which means cheaper printing and shipping costs, which means more afordable to subscribers! The small printing dosnt bother me, but every now and then some of the background graphics do over lap on some of the text, making it hard to read a few words here and there. Easy enough to figure out though. Still the coolest looking magazine I have ever seen, full color, heavy stock, great photo's and even better articles, what more do you want?


08-31-2009, 03:46 PM
Feel free to come see us Bama Boys anytime. Glad your likeing the issue makes us feel good! Shane and its Thanks Again! Shane this time.

09-01-2009, 02:52 AM
Did not change the type or font size to make the magazine cheaper or smaller... I will have to go back and look and see if I have a problem reading it. I can't recall noticing that it was a problem.

Let me say this... people say all sorts of things like they want full color, they want better layout, they want less stuff that doesn't help their business, don't mind fewer pages just ship more often or whatever.

I have tried to incorporate all of those things ... for starters we have shipped THREE magazines this year more than any other magazine in our industry. Secondly we went color cover to cover and we now have he best layout money can buy with Brainstorm Studios.

By making the magazine smaller we are saving shipping and layout and paper... all good things for us! LOL

To be honest and this is the truth, we haven't tried very hard to sell ads for the magazine. I've come to a point that I don't care anymore if a vendor doesn't buy an ad. Its their loss! We do everything we can do to find NEW BUYERS for the magazine and we do!!!! We write cutting edge articles to help their buyers business, to keep them interested in the magazine and you fight tooth and nail with some vendors over an ad in the magazine.

I'm tired of spending hours on end trying to bring a horse to water... we have other things we need to focus on like producing the magazine itself, runnng our haunts, improving our website, and building attractions. So with less energy being put towards selling ads the size of the magazine will decrease because ads are content and they take space.

From now on we'll put the magazine out even quicker than before because I'll print it next time with NO ADS if that is what it comes to... I just want to print them faster so we can move onto the next thing. The main thing that holds up magazines from being printed is vendors kicking the tires, yes we want an ad no we don't yes we do... it goes on for weeks. We set deadlines and we never keep them waiting one someone to send an ad only to later change their mind. NO MORE!

I'm done with all of that... we care about bringing the subscribers the BEST MAGAZINE possible, the BEST the industry has to offer and that will be the focus going foward.

I do appreciate the VENDORS WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT the magazine without question from one magazine to the next... without them nothing would be possible!!!!!!!!! We'll do something special for all those vendors, they will get orders from us and hopfully support from our readers!

So in a nutshell we'll set deadlines for ads and after there we'll print the thing end of story. Money is NOT a concern of mine for this magazine we'll continue to print it forever no matter what happens.

We do this magazine from a passion for helping the industry, bringing people together, expanding our knowledge! There is no price you can put on that none what so ever!!!!

I think there will be a better future for the magazine with the new attitude towards what's most important!!!!!

We'll do another magazine in December so keep on the look out! Lastly let me say I'm open to all comments both pro and con... we only want to improve the magazine and I think that shows from the first magazine to the last!


09-01-2009, 03:28 PM
i would love to read it , but nobody sent it to me, does a first time subscriber get his last ?? talk to me somebody !!

RJ Productions
09-01-2009, 07:40 PM
OK Guys.. I'm NOT dissing the magazine, heck I've got two articles in it!!!!

What I was commenting on was the fact that because of the type set, you are getting a lot more information per page. In reference to my article "When is a Book - a Book?" other haunt publications have the opposite mind set. They take just a little bit of information and spread it out to try and appear more than it is!!

Hauntworld has a big advantage. It can bring you a lot of info in a timely manner. I have toyed with writing a book (or a booklet!) for some time now. My concern has always been one of dated material. Things move too fast in our industry. Things we did ten years ago would be unheard of, possibly even illegal, by today's standards.

Basic theories and the like may remain similar, but particulars change constantly. Heck we all fear meeting wth local fire depts. to find out what new regulations we have to adhere to THIS year!!

Hauntworld is able to bring pertinent information in a timely manner! Keep up the good work!!

09-01-2009, 10:10 PM
Hey Rich

I invite your conerns and comments I want hear them! I will look at the magazine when I get a chance and see if I can notice any flaws or small type anywhere. Its a good point and I will look into it.

My comments are about a totally different aspect or just in general. Everyone seems to have an opinion and their idea's are good ones, its just hard to make everything happen to please everyone.

We have done the full color and because I like doing things first class we now have Brainstorm doing all the layout.

Both of those items RAISE THE COST of the magazine!!!!