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08-31-2009, 07:51 PM
I am using ticket leap for online ticket sales and i can have a survey that the customer is required to fill out when buying a ticket. What should i put as the questions?

I already Have:
How did you hear about us?
Have you ever been hear before?

What else should i put?

Raycliff Manor
09-02-2009, 08:34 AM
When we do surveys, we try to keep it as short as possible so as not to dissuade the purchaser from following through with their purchase. We have used the following options:

Age? (under 16, 16 - 25, 26 - 34, and 35 and over)

Gender? (M, F)

How did you hear about us? (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, Myspace, online search, other... please specify) We provide a box for them to type in their "other" answer.

Where did you pickup our coupon? (McDonald's, Domino's, Flying Burrito, Halloween Express, N/A)

The parenthesis represent drop down options. There are other options you could add, such as how many miles did you travel, but again, I'd recommend not making the survey too long. The easier and more convenient it is for them and the faster they can purchase their ticket online, the greater chance there is that they'll complete the purchase. You might also structure the short survey with a reward, like "please complete a short survey and receive a $1.00 discount!". Hope this helps.


Jim Warfield
09-05-2009, 05:47 PM
I ask them all the time as they are buying their tickets. If someone has been here before then we know to target their friends rather than them.
"How did you find out about this place?"
It is almost never any ads I paid for. Family, friends, unpaid mentions on the radio or on-line or an on-line search engine will be their answer usually.
Since we are open every night of the year I also am always very curious about when the last time was that they were here?
When some people say they were last here 10 years ago, I want to say something like , "Ten years ago! Where the hell have you been?"
Yet they liked and appreciated it enough to remember, think about it and return all of those years later!!!
Just this morning as a guy was taking some pictures from the parking lot he walked over, introduced himself, he had been here about 19 years ago for a Murder/ Mystery and said he tells everyone he meets about the place!!! Nice....But Where The Hell Have You Been?"
So maybe I'm doing something wrong and they don't return any sooner? Or I at least impressed them enough doing something right that they couldn't forget about me and had to return?
Maybe everyone who has ever been through my house will ALL shop up tonight! (Except the 13 who went through this afternoon)