View Full Version : Web Traffic... up up and away

09-01-2009, 03:21 AM
Good news all around...

Scarefest did 579 people yesterday! We almost hit 10,000 visits for the month that is UP by a ton over last year!!!

When looking over traffic sources:

Direct was #1 34% but that will shoot up to 70 plus % once our full blown marketing programs kick in.

Google was #1 traffic source from an outside source with 29%

Believe it or not but Yahoo and Hauntworld are basically tied at about 9% each. Bing the new MSN search engine was low at 3%.

Hauntworld by itself was about 6.5% but when you add in the other sites it shoots up to about 9%.

Hauntworld itself is up about 12,000 visitors this August over last August which is HUGE if you ask me. Hauntworld's traffic is also up about 47% from July to August!

Make sure you have your websites ready to go!!!