View Full Version : I need help with install of Oak Island shock pads.

Dr Spooktakular
09-01-2009, 07:50 AM
When installing these on the wall, can I just screw them on with a screw and fender washer to hold in place on the wall, the set of shock pads I got have no instructions.

09-01-2009, 01:11 PM
That is what I did..... In the corners..

Hundred Acres Manor
09-01-2009, 08:05 PM
Hey there, Ethan from Hundred Acres Manor in Pittsburgh here. We have used this effect for the past 3 or so seasons and it has worked rather well but there are a few tricks that make it much much more effective:

- Place them in a row of four on the wall directly next to each other so you blanket the wall, it for sure works the best covering the most surface area in your prime shock location at your haunt.

- Staple them into wall this way you can get them flush to the wall so if your patrons are running their hands against the wall and the edge flaps of the shock skins do not stick up (make sure that they staples are all the way in, you want to shock them, not slice their hand, you may consider electrical tape over the staple heads, that is what I use).

- I have moved this effect several times, if you are worried about how the staples will effect the removal of this effect you will have no issue. The pads are very durable. A few minutes with a flat head screw driver to get an edge then yank! Off they come. You just may have to pull a few staples out of the skins.

- Be careful not to staple to wires within the skins.

- Use them in an area where it goes from light to dark instantly and place them on a wall that they will ALMOST run in to because they have to turn. We use this effect on the wall directly at the end of our claustrophobia tunnel in a pitch black "L" turn.

- If people see this on the wall they WILL NOT touch it, sorry if I repeat myself on this one but make sure it is in a DARK area.

- I may be repeating again on this one again but get them as flush to the wall as humanly possible. If I remember correctly, they come all rolled up. Consider laying them out and weighting them to get them flat before trying to install them.

- Think back to last season, what wall do patrons tend to use as a guide because they are having trouble seeing or need extra guidance by feeling their way, this is the perfect place for this effect.

- On the subject of hiding the cords. At the bottom of the skins where the cords hang, drill a one inch hole in the ply and just feed them behind the wall. This keeps them out of the way of patrons and out of your hair as well. Trying to bundle them is a pain (and can be a fire hazard).

- In lieu or a pitch black area, you may also consider using this in an extremely foggy area. Just an afterthought.

Hope these few suggestions help you out with installation and placement of this product. Best of luck in your 2009 haunting season.