View Full Version : small town but big Parade!

Jim Warfield
09-08-2009, 12:31 AM
Little Shannon, Ill. had their annual parade today, maybe 130 entrants, I was number 117.
Lots of Fire Trucks, tractors, old cars, pick up trucks with cheerleaders in the bed(in "bed"?) and of course a spattering of politico wanna bees in open cars...(They don't know about JFK or the Archduke of Austria, obviously!)
There might have been 6,000 people lining the streets on the parade route.
(AS we were begining to leave the staging area, a sad sight, "Lugg Nutz", the Clown with full face of grease paint on was disassembling his goofy little car because he could't get it started? He was putting it back on it's trailer.
But I'm only guessing. With a name like Lugg Nutz maybe he was a sexual preditor or something? Only fooling!, I know nothing of his problems today, or last night)
There were alot of familys and little kids along the route and my Spookmobile, the "Corn-Fed Illinois Land-shark was a hit with 99% of those there, only one senior citizen was heard to say as I drove by, "Who would ever want to go into a place like that?" Meaning of course my house.
One very small infant began crying when she saw the car but everyone else I saw or heard was having fun looking at my animated car with the arms reaching up and the growling huge shark mouth full of teeth. I painted the eyeballs brass today and it really went well with the pink-ish purple eye lids and lips.
The head/back and shark fin on the roof are all flat camo colors with speckles and spots and a definate scaley texture to it all.
I also have a P.A. system in which I just made growly and shrieky sounds as the arms went up or down.