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01-26-2007, 12:46 PM
I for one support Transworld's move to Las Vegas starting in 2008. It is a very good location for the buyers to fly in and out of easily, cheaply, and stay for far less cost than Chicago. It's warm and sunny and there are lots to do after the show.

As for haunters and their involvement, try to remember that this was from the beginning a halloween party and costume show made for wholesale buyers and not for end users. This could be the refocus they have needed for years to make their *very large companies involved happy with the guest list.

Haunters looking for a reasonably priced table space to sell their wares to the end users need not look any further than across the short distance between Vegas and Hollywood to Haunt X, Xtreme Halloween Xpo. Booths are 1/10th the price, the number of guests coming to the show are the same as TW's haunters section recieves and the guests have been pre screened as serious buyers, as they have paid to get in and are not the volunteer actors of a haunt that are accompanying the haunt owner who may buy one prop here and one prop there to fill in a new scene for this year's attraction. TW serious vendors needs to sell dozens or hundreds of items per buyer to pay the unreal costs of booth space and logistics to be there. A totally different scenario than an end user Xpo event like Haunt X.

With a night and day packed event schedule such as Haunt X offers and the pennies on the dollar cost for vendors to show their products to the actual buyers, we offer the other half of the equasion that TW does not. If any vendors out there are looking to show this year, we have only a few spaces left and then we will be sold out again like last year, so you would want to hurry to get in now.

What does Haunt X offer that you won't find at TW?
Free Seminars from iconic industry leaders
Haunt X sponsored haunt tours, paranormal investigations, dance, film festival, star parties, free movie room, hollywood film set museum, the yearly prop makers CHALLENGE, the industry's first and leading awards ceremony, the Haunt X Awards Pageant. You can even find free child care for the mini monsters while mum and dead attend the costume ball which will be filmed this year by MTV.

I see TW going to LV as a good thing. It will make the bold move to be the wholesale show it always intended to be by leaving behind the local assets of the haunted attractions that are so prevalent in the Chicago area and moving to where there are really no year around haunted attractions for miles. And makes it a much simpler decision for vendors who wish to sell product to end users to choose which show to do that at which will now be very close to each other. The one where it costs $50,000 worth of sales profits to make it possible to show at or the one that only costs about $5000 in sales and offers a boat load of special events designed specifically for the spooky fan.

Best of luck to the crew from Transworld and 2008. Very good move.

Wil Schock
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01-26-2007, 02:54 PM
However, the original post from last August mentioned that the Chicago show has alway been larger and more popular than the Vegas show. It doesn't seem logical to close the BIG show to prop up one that was 'failing'.

01-26-2007, 03:06 PM
The Vegas show they did was a small one, and it came after the main show in Chicago. This is a total different ballgame now...there will only be one main show and it will be in Vegas. What the results where for the old Vegas show means nothing now...TW is moving their whole show lock stock and barrel to Vegas. Totally different.


RJ Productions
01-27-2007, 03:54 AM
Wil, glad to see you support the TW move. However if I where you I would seriously consider moving your show date. Face it, vendors will not want to show in LA , then turn around and show in Vegas. Also many of the attendees that would use Haunt X as an alternative to TW will now naturally go to the big show instead.

Maybe move the show later. Move it towards early summer so people could plan a vacation to conicide with your show. Haunts that make major purchases need to do so early, hence the March date for TW. Your show features more entertainment type activities, so instead of trying to compete with TW augment it. Just do it before school lets out and cloggs all the lines at Disneyland!!! Good luck