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09-15-2009, 03:25 AM
Once we get both of our haunted houses open I can post exactly what we are going to do as for opening our haunted houses. We are going to try and open Creepyworld for a TOUR of some kind without actors. We can't fully open creepyworld but we can set it up close to what it would look like if we did open. Again that is still up in the air but once we see exactly what it will take to take it down and put it back up we'll know for sure. A tour of Creepyworld would probably be on Thursday or Friday.

We will open Darkness FOR SURE on Saturday of the show, Saturday night to be exact...

What would be different? EVERYTHING... I don't know any other way to do things. We haven't opened the Darkness yet for 2009 but we have already planning out what we are changing. I am already in discussions with some vendors no one in this industry has ever used before to help me with some FX I want to pull off. ONE BIG SCENE downstairs will be built which includes a $25,000.00 multi motion animation, some special fx and more. Upstairs will be GUTTED by about 50% to make way for all new scenes.

This brings me to my next point... WHO WANTS TO BUY like half the scenes in the Darkness' mansion section? They will be removed from the haunt on November the 10th. We are getting rid of the snake room, trophy room, baby room, kitchen, some detailed hallways and some other sets. All of them will be for sale as we'll remove them and build from scratch.

We will be making a more edgy Darkness upstairs...

About or roughly 50% of the entire upstairs will be for sale... and yes we'll rebuild it all before the Transworld Show. Not only will it be BETTER than any Darkness before but it will be breathtaking. We won't have to build a new building, so all the focus will be on renovation.

Terror Visions will also be renovated as well. Our Monster Museum will have twice as many monsters, blah, blah, blah.

Lastly we'll focus more on TRYING to hire a staff for the event, with more time devoted to that since we are not building a building, and two other attractions from scartch we'll be able to do just that.

So if you liked the Darkness sets last year expect to be blown away at the Hauntshow in 2010 plus a more complete operation to boot!!!

But if you want any of these sets let me know now because you'd have to come and get them the week of the 10th because we'll remove all that stuff quickly. You can have the walls, all the painted stuff, blah, blah.

Let me know NOW!

Email me if you are interested. Lastly I would suggest if you are SERIOUSLY interested you come down to the Darkness one of these next couple of weeks and we can show you what will be for sale. We are not going to charge an arm and leg... everything will be resonable.

Let me know.

09-28-2009, 06:38 PM
i will be like any props u have fs or any hallways