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09-15-2009, 08:22 PM
Anyone give me a line on a good werewolf prosthetic that they have had good luck with and looks good. Need to be able to reuse it throughout the season.

Allen H
09-15-2009, 10:28 PM
Your post says mask, your question states prosthetic. If you want a mask I recommend Howl-o-ween by Zagone studios (they have a few good werewolf masks). Nightcrawler, and moonshined are very good also. see them here
another mask company that I love but are hard to get due to being in the UK is rubber gorilla
check them out here
They have really nice haunt masks and a great werewolf.

I really liked the looks of the masks by Frightdome's company but they would not allow me to try one on at the show so I have no idea if they are comfortable or if the vision is decent.
On the prosthetic side I recommend bump in the nights silicone werewolf prosthetic.
Another option you might not have considered is a custom paint and hair of a non werewolf mask like CFX's
I mean picture how awesome this would be with hair and a "wolfie" paintjob

If you want my opinion, get a mask ,it will last the season and can transform your actors face more than a prosthetic can.
Good luck
Allen H
P.S. I love werewolves so this was one I already think alot about, Im doing a stilt werewolf for my show this year. I chose the Howl-o-ween mask (made the ears bigger (the Howling style)) , spring stilts with latex werewolf covers (I made) extended finger Gloves (I made) and A Scream cube from gore galore (awesome I highly recommend it). with the spring stilts it moves like a werewolf and with the cube it sounds like a werewolf, Im thrilled with him.

09-16-2009, 05:08 AM
Nice idea Allen with the hair on the orlock mask, I think it could work. Just expenive probably. I wonder if someone could turn that BITN silicone werewolf into a full head mask