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01-26-2007, 05:37 PM
Okay folks if you haven't already seen the seminar line up for 2007 TW show you might notice a few things different...

One seminars don't overlap each other, so now you can see all the seminars without missing another. Two the topics are current, important and more important professional knowledgeable people giving them.

In the past I would say the TW seminars where hit or miss... but this year they're very exciting. I know people have fallen into this groove that says 'they're too expensive because Hauntcon's are $35.00' or whatever.

The fact is most of these haunted gatherings, will take any speaker, any topic where someone will do it for free. Does that help your business?

Spending money on things that WILL help your business is worth every penny you spend.

Listed below are this years topics and speakers.

I want to say upfront that MY SEMINAR will HELP YOUR business 100 FOLD...I feel like my seminar is a MUST "NOT" MISS!!!!! What you will hear my talk about will change your business forever.

What I have learned this past years, SINCE I did that article will rock your world baby. These topics and speakers where well thought out and took a long time to organize. They're worth every single penny!!!

Let me know what you think. Give me your comments!


9:45 AM-
10:45 AM Rock Solid Scares Rich Hanf
Learn the scares that you need for any haunted house on any level. House of the Dead

11:00 AM-
12:00 PM Advanced Sponsorship Programs Cydney Neil
How do you create an award winning sponsorship program? Get ready! Rocky Point

12:15 PM-
1:15 PM Frights, Camera, Action Scott Broad
Learn how to create the best television commercials and video for your haunt. Haunted Media

1:30 PM-
2:30 PM Fright and Shadow Bert Zelten
Learn advanced lighting techniques that will give your haunt an award-winning look! Bad Boys Scenic Design

2:45 PM-
3:45 PM How to Run a Multiple Attraction Halloween Event and How to Turn Your Halloween Program into a Christmas Event Patrick Konopelski
So you want to operate multi-themed show? You want to learn how to maximize profits by adding more events and attractions? Come to this seminar. Shocktoberfest

4:00 PM-
5:00 PM Set It Up and Tear It Down Jim Kelly
Halloween Productions
The largest continuing expense of most Haunts is the annual set up and tear down of the attraction. We’ll cover two different methods. Jim Kelly of Halloween Productions will show you techniques on building a modular attraction. Rich Strelak of R&J Productions will share techniques of building a mobile attraction. These methods can save you time and money, the two things most haunt owners never have enough of. Rich Strelak
R&J Productions

9:45 AM-
10:45 AM Dynamic Detail Kevin McKurdy
Learn how to detail your haunt into the next best thing - from the master himself! Kevin McKurdy Productions

11:00 AM-
12:00 PM Evolution of a Scare Ed Terebus
Learn how to create rooms that scare up to 25 people at one time. Erebus Haunted Attractions

12:15 PM-
1:15 PM Nightmare on 13th Mike Henrie and Michael Klint
Learn how to create Queue Line entertainment with animations. Queue Line Entertainment

1:30 PM-
2:30 PM Advanced Retail Operations Mike and Nancy Jubie
Learn how to maximize profits by adding retail, concessions and more. Headless Horseman

2:45 PM-
3:45 PM Running a Tight Operation Randy Bates
Do not open your haunt next year without attending this seminar. Lower injury, reduce risk of lawsuits, learn how to handle upset customers, and how to run a tight attraction. Learn how one of the biggest haunts on the planet manages its operation. Bates Motel

4:00 PM-
5:00 PM Advanced Internet Marketing Larry Kirchner
Learn how to drive tens of thousands of potential customers to your website. Marketing is changing and you must learn how to market your attraction on the web. Learn all the secrets.

01-27-2007, 05:10 PM
In case you wanted to order tickets to the seminars they're holding go to www.hauntshow.com.

Now keep in mind this year you can buy just the seminars you want to attend, this is a new way of doing it.


Jim Warfield
01-27-2007, 06:42 PM
So in your opinion Larry, why weren't the seminars always done this way?
Why now? What forced them to re-think this? Poor attendence?

01-27-2007, 09:39 PM
We spent the money for a couple seminars last year, and I have to say we were quite disappointed, they really were useless, and a waist of money. The free early bird seminars were actually much better then the charging ones!

This year we were going to skip the classes, but now with this new direction, and better pricing, we will give it one more chance.

Jim Warfield
01-27-2007, 11:27 PM
Many, many years ago two guys who owned a party store in another country thought about trying to do a haunt. They took the seminars, I asked them what they thought about them?
They said that the speakers seemed to contradict one another as far as their vital information went.
"Do it this way, that other guy has it all wrong!"
End result.....a big question mark for them????
I wasn't there, I don't have first hand knowledge of this but I will say that both of these guys spoke very good English, so it wasn't a language problem.

01-28-2007, 01:49 AM
This year you had REAL professionals consult TW on how, who, and what to make of this years seminars. You will learn something this year for sure!!!!