View Full Version : Haunted House Industry Thank you's

Gore Galore
09-19-2009, 06:06 AM
I know many haunts are now open or just about to open.
We have about 10 costumes left to finish for last minute orders, but I just wanted to take a moment to send out some thank you's to all our customers, past, present, and future.
We had a slow start this year. I am sure it was due to the economy, and all the fears everyone had about how the year may turn out. But let me tell you that is not an issue at this point. Orders may have come late, but they came and they came big. We had fewer orders but more was spent on each order.
And I can only see more growth for next year.
I honestly hope and believe that many other vendors did as well or better.
I would really like to hear how other vendors did too.

Thank you to many haunt owners for allowing us more input into your attractions.
We are becoming more of a full service vendor with our Creatures being more than just costumes for Queue-line entertainment. Our "Creature Cart System" became a very useful tool within the haunt designers toolbox to use within the Attractions.

This year has been something special. It is all because of you, Our customers and our friends, that our company is growing by leaps and bounds in our services, and our place in this industry.

So, thanks again and break a leg this season. You all deserve success for your hard work and commitment to your haunts and subsequently this industry. We look forward to seeing everyone in March at the Haunt Show in St Louis.
We will be there with 6 booths (the most booths we have ever had) packed with more product than you could ever imagine.