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09-19-2009, 09:11 AM
Just licenced and packaging in time for Halloween the
BUBBA The Redneck Werewolf "Maul Y'all" Wound Kit
http://www.michaeldavy.com/products/Bubba%20gash%20over%20the%20shoulder%20cropped.jpg http://www.michaeldavy.com/products/Bubba%20gash%20close%20up%20small.jpg
The Wound kit is made with Water-Melon applaince material so it's applied using only alcohol(99%) and the colors are activated with alcohol
The finished wound is completely waterproof and removed with just soap and water. NO REMOVERS. It's also completely reusable.
For more info visit http://www.michaledavy.com
I will be demon - strating this and other Water-Melon Appliances at Spooky Empire screamfest at the Wyndom (Wyn-doom) Orlando, October 9-11th with my friends Mitch Hyman, owner and publisher of "Bubba", and make up artist extrodinairre and all around eeeeevill individual Rick Gonzales, for a weekend of rip rollocking fun.
Be there or we'll kill you!
Being there does not necesarily mean that we won't kill you anyway.