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ScreamPass Rich
01-27-2007, 11:29 AM
That’s right- The Frozen Tundra Tour will make history on February 22nd and Bus#3 is completely sold out. Bus #4 if now filling up fast so for any of you still making your plans for Transworld – you do not want to miss out on this historic tour.

Here’s the deal. Back in December, we had two 55 passenger luxury coach busses reserved for the tour. We knew it was pretty early to book flights and hotels, but despite that, tickets started selling. Then the holidays came and ticket sales just absolutely took off! Sponsors stepped up with unbelievable support and lots of you must have found your Frozen Tundra Tickets under the Christmas Tree. There are entire crews from big and small haunts from all around the country coming on the Tour. So we quickly reserved Bus#3 and talked to the bus company about the possibility of a 4th bus. This is where things got a little interesting. Turns out that as you may know, there are some other conventions in town this same weekend and the coach busses we need are getting harder to find.

We twisted some arms and pleaded a little and finally the bus company agreed to hold a 4th bus for us – and we are lucky that they did. Bus #4 is now selling fast and there is likely no doubt that there will be 200 haunters on this tour. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that we’re not sure a 5th bus will even be available – they just can’t commit to that right now. So as we sit today, we are planning on Bus#4 being the final bus and the final seats to get on this tour.

If you’re coming to Transworld and have not yet bought your tickets for the tour – what are you waiting for? And if you are not coming to Transworld this year – you may want to re-think that. It’s been announced here on these message boards that the this is the last year for Transworld to be in Chicago. In 2008, Las Vegas will be our host and the Frozen Tundra Tour will be only a fantastic memory for the entire industry. 200 haunters will be joining us on February 22nd and you should be part of it. If you haven’t already, head over to www.halloweenwisconsin.com to learn all about the huge day that is planned. Not only will you get to visit 3 of our industry’s top events, you will also get to enjoy it in style with luxury busses, meals, unbelievable door prizes, t-shirts, vendor discounts, keynote speakers and goodie bags that will be talked about on the show floor all weekend. And the best part of any convention or industry event is the networking – we all know that. 200 haunters, 25 sponsors and over $20,000 of prizes, raffle items and product discounts that will make this Tour one that will be talked about for a long long time.

So the Frozen Tundra Tour truly is the last chance for many of us. Last chance to get to Transworld, last and only chance to visit these legendary events and also your last chance to visit the crew at Dream Reapers who for so many years have graciously opened their doors to all of us. That’s why we’ve had to extend our special promotion that when you buy your ticket to the Frozen Tundra Tour – you will also get a FREE ticket to visit Dream Reapers one last time. We had announced that we would do it for only the next 50 tickets sold but quite frankly they sold so fast that we lost track and just didn’t want to turn anyone away. The guys at Dream Reapers – Ken, Rick, JT and Mike --- and their whole crew – have been busy getting ready for us. They’ve got a new long lease on their building and have been so busy changing things up that if you have visited Dream Reapers before – you may not even recognize it.

The Frozen Tundra Tour AND Dream Reapers --- two great reasons to make sure you get to Chicago this year and soak up all of the fun our industry has to offer. We’ll look forward to Las Vegas next year but for now – Chicago is the place to be.

At the current pace of ticket sales, Bus#4 will likely be sold out --- The Tour will likely be sold out --- by next weekend. So visit www.halloweenwisconsin.com today to learn more and get your tickets.

On behalf of all of the event organizers – ScreamPass, Terror on the Fox, Burial Chamber, Blood City, Bad Boys Scenic Design, Morgan Manor and TicketWeb--- we’d like to thank all of you who have decided to join us on February 22nd. It will no doubt be one hell of a going away party.

Rich Majka
ScreamPass.com powered by TicketWeb – Lead Sponsor of the Frozen Tundra Tour

PS --- Want to hear more about the Tour ? Visit www.rottingfleshradio.com to hear the latest about the tour. Many thanks to Jonathan and his team for their help in supporting the Tour and we’re glad that RFR will also be able to join us live at the tour to help capture this important industry event.

01-27-2007, 11:43 AM
It's going to fill up fast man. THe tour is going to rock and these are top WI haunts we have been to many times.

Also, thank you for stopping in this week on the show to talk about the tour. With all you were talking about, people are really going to get hyped now.

Keep on haunting.

01-27-2007, 03:21 PM
Maybe I could just thumb a ride and sit on someones lap! I am really bummed tht we wont be able to attend this event, All I can say is that with over 200 attendees someone better bring me some leftovers from that AWESOME dinner!!!! Hope ALL have a GREAT TIME!!!! Rob and the Gang at BodyBag Entertainment

01-28-2007, 02:49 PM
We have a couple of things in store for all of our Sponsors!

See you soon,