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09-23-2009, 02:11 PM
“Spinning Death by Arachnophobia”

Pass through this narrow tunnel with wispy strings made of backlit clear acrylic filled with live crickets & meal worms. Continues on into pitch black tunnel.

{ Audio begins – Vincent Price voice }
“Pay no attention to the insects. They are merely the bait to attract back three of our unique arachnid specimens that accidently escaped earlier this month…
Watch out for webs. The Weboostroe Spiders are known to hunt in packs and can string up a horse in mere minutes.
The Jumpizi spiders by contrast may jump on you but they are harmless and only attracted by your body heat.
Also watch where you step because the poisonous bite of the Phinectra Spider is known to cause dizziness, nausea, and a tingling sensation in the hands.
Like I said the crickets are the bait to attract back these three unique species.
The last and fourth species that escaped is the Humugera Gigantosa Oblitiari.
You my friend, however are the bait for this last one!
So if you see it be sure and scream loudly so we can run the other way!
HA HA HA HA HA !!! »

Tunnel expands to diamond shaped room with low lying fog, dim red LED lighting, and human bodies wrapped in silk and stuck to the walls or wriggling and suspended from the ceiling.

(All but one are static props or mechanical. One actor is inside a large egg sack shaped silk cocoon and upon being approached pops his head out to reveal he has 6 eyes, and teeth on his face)
< Actor #1 >
[ insert picture of foamed latex prosthetic here ]

Dark Tunnel with horizontal slits and spiders glued to the walls.

( puppeteers operating with IR Goggles wearing black use peacock feathers to touch the guests ears, nose, neck, hands, and any exposed flesh. IR or Black light used here )
< Puppeteer #2 & Puppeteer #3>
[ insert picture of IR Goggles & clothing here]

Tunnel ramps up with dim blue LED lighting, hanging fine wispy strings, hanging small spiders, more spiders glued to the walls, and moving shock corded medium spiders lurching up and down from the ceiling. Also contrast silhouettes of spiders painted on the floor.

( Elastic cords are tied to ball bearing swivels on a bent rotating arm attached to a small motor providing undulating up and down movement like what propels the horses on a merry go round. )

{ Audio begins looping – Different guest voices very faint and spaced apart }
“Did I just get bit? What was that? Ouch! Something just bit me! It’s in my hair!”

Enter the 20’ double length Spinning Vortex Tunnel.
Hanging Fine Wispy strings inside swing back and forth as it turns as well as small spiders hanging inside shock corded medium spiders bounce and swing as well. Large and medium spiders attached to the fake rock cave walls inside sit ready to leap at any moment. You grasp the hand rails on this long raised bridge through the tunnel. Two feet inside and your left hand gets jolted with a mild electric shock. You let go of the left rail and just hang onto the right railing. You are starting to get dizzy and notice the dim LED lighting is emitting a sickly green glow. Halfway through the tunnel you notice small things dropping from the roof infrequently. They appear to be alive! Small crickets are spinning, falling, and jumping to escape the spiders. Some of these may land in your hair and on your person. Just then your right hand gets jolted with a mild electric shock. Ok so you let go and feeling the vertigo severely grab the left rail hoping it no longer shocks you. It doesn’t and you struggle to remain upright as you reach the end of the Vortex Tunnel.
The last two feet of rail has shockers on both sides and you stumble through the exit falling into the padded walls, which are cold and damp. Just then you feel something alive crawling on your head.

( Bug wrangler on platform above tosses a live cricket onto the head of each guest exiting the Vortex Tunnel )
< Bug Wrangler #4 >

The tunnel turns 90 degrees to the right and through a white ropes maze, white lines painted on walls, floors, and ceiling, black light, and forced perspective design it seems to stretch a long ways while getting smaller and narrower at the same time. You have to step over, squeeze to the sides, and crawl under ropes criss crossing the path to reach the end. This empties into a room that is dimly lit with a red LED light and is decorated with large webs, dressed skeletons, and piles of bones on the floor. Just then a woman’s scream comes from behind you. You spin around to see no one there, and spin back around at a hissing sound in time to see a GIANT spider leaping right at you at chest height in mid air from apparently nowhere while strobe lights flash.
You here a man scream “Help! He’s got me” which seems to fade off behind you and up into the rafters followed with a sickening crunch, and maybe 16oz of fake blood and chunks splatter onto the cement floor below.

{ Audio begins – Part 1 } - Woman’s Scream

( The giant spider is a very detailed shell painted to match some of the smaller fake spiders used earlier. It has 8 large custom painted taxidermy eyes with a light leak scratched into them, lit from behind by a single yellow LED for each eye. Flexible mandibles dripping with fake blood complete the spiders look, and legs have latex covered garage springs inside them to provide them a flexing movement when the shell is swung down from above on a black arm traveling in a perfect circle to disappear above the guests in a upside down motion, like a pendulum. The use of audio behind the crowd of guests at the beginning of the room is the distraction and masks the sound of the large props latch disengaging. Momentum and proper weighting of this item provide the motion to bring it almost all the ways back to its starting position. A prop master with a thin black nylon rope pulls it back the last few feet into place after its forward and then upward motion stop. An anti reverse gear keeps it from reversing direction and coming back down in reverse. The audio at the end gives the impression that it has snatched a member of the group and carried him off into the Rafters. The blood if used is dumped by the prop master, who is running the giant spider. Also this room can include a spring loaded wire frame set of clothes that is snatched up to co-inside with the yelling victims’ apparent abduction. The Strobe lights would make this unrealistic, but if the room utilized only dim red LED’s it may help with the believability, that the strobes temporary blinding affect would allow otherwise. )
< Prop master #5 >

{ Audio begins – Part 2 )
Front - Spiders hissing Back - “Help!” Back and above - “He’s got me”
Above and front - Sickening crunch.
A door swings open to your left and you can hear someone whispering.
{ Audio begins – Part 3 }
Hissing voice “This way, hurry up, quick while she is feeding, this way”